Thursday, May 20, 2010

My recent Purchases

actually this FP shoes was bought some time back last mth...
but now then i've time to blog about it. It cost $119.

this is more recent... which i bought from Domanchi.
A stripe shirt and a tie.
The shirt cost only $29 - so cheap n bought it right away.
This design of the shirt is sth which i'm always lookin' for..

and.. few days back i went to G2000 to get some office wears, and i bought the following:
- a belt
- a plain white shirt
- a super-fine checkered shirt
- a stripe black pants
- a dark grey Polo tee

All-in-all it added up to $240.
But i got them at a half-price at $120 cos my brother has got a G2000 50% off voucher for his birthday month. It was really worthwhile afterall... :)

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