Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Up in The Air - Celebrating Michelle's Birthday !!!


On the way to our flight...

took this picture in the lift...

at the VIP Lounge

had some snacks here... while waiting for our turn to board the capsule

Finally boarded the capsule...

and this was the First dish - BROILED SNAPPER ESCOLAR
coated with tomato pesto herb crumbs and accompaniments of the day :)
it was served with

Mich loves this alot - Salmon + Cheese + Apricot :)

with scented rosemary and cranberries
And seasonal vegetables

took some scenic pictures while up in the air...
above as u can see - The Marina Bay Sands :)

it was truly relaxing here...

after going for 2 rounds on the Singapore Flyer and the the 3-course fine dining and ... we proceeded to the VIP lounge for our desserts and coffee.

With wild berries dazzled with dark chocolate

it was a great experience!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My recent Purchases

actually this FP shoes was bought some time back last mth...
but now then i've time to blog about it. It cost $119.

this is more recent... which i bought from Domanchi.
A stripe shirt and a tie.
The shirt cost only $29 - so cheap n bought it right away.
This design of the shirt is sth which i'm always lookin' for..

and.. few days back i went to G2000 to get some office wears, and i bought the following:
- a belt
- a plain white shirt
- a super-fine checkered shirt
- a stripe black pants
- a dark grey Polo tee

All-in-all it added up to $240.
But i got them at a half-price at $120 cos my brother has got a G2000 50% off voucher for his birthday month. It was really worthwhile afterall... :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guinness Contest - Great Nights Begins from 17:59

Thanks to William who submitted this to TODAY paper,
and we won the consolation.

On the other hand.. i submitted another photo STOMP,
and we won the 2nd prize.

2 pieces of good news!
Though we are not the first.. but at least we won sth. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

METALTECH 2010 Exhibition 5-9 MAY 2010

was away to this METALTECH 2010 Exhibition recently from 5-9th May
First night we visited the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower, had dinner there only, barely shopped ard. But i managed to capture this nice picture above.

me at the exhibition booth...

with all my colleagues.

i would probably be specialising in Power Tools like Drills... so if u need any or in bulk... do not hesitate to contact me, u may drop ur msg in my Chatbox. :)

visitors to our booth...

a scenery of KL from my hotel...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Interesting Blog - Check This Out!

I find this blog quite interesting... u can bookmark it and visit it sometimes... or even when you're bored. The previous post on it was about a day called "Penis Day" in Japan! Check it out at the website here below:


Sunday, May 2, 2010

MAHJONG - 11 Flowers

Recently i played Mahjong and i had 11 flowers at the end of the game.

Some says... the person who took my last flower must "Bao" which means to help others pay for my winnings - usually this case is LIMIT already or more than 5 tai already.
Others say i can STEAL the last flower taken by that somebody who took my flower and straight open my tiles and Game, but you would need to have 11 flowers first.. before the person took the last flower.

My verdict is... BOTH!

What's your SAY ?

u may air it in the comments here at the bottom of this post.

the last person who took my flower was...
my Girlfriend, Michelle!
She was not "Bao" la... cos we were unaware of this situation at tt time. :)

Well... the other two players was Kelvin n his wife...
it was a nice game at their place with good hospitality! :)