Saturday, April 10, 2010

Singapore Sports Contest - Are You The One?

I was shortlisted as one of the Top 10 sports blogger for this contest. You would need to vote for me in order for me to win. A lucky voter will walk away with Samsung Netbook.

But however i think its quite hard for me to win now. Other bloggers like the Sheylara and Kym are very much ahead of me with 200 over votes and mine is jus 17 for now. haha...

First, i only came that i was in the Top 10 on 9th April. The contest already started since 31st Mar.

Second, other bloggers are much more popular than me in this cyberspace, hence they get alot more exposure to more of their fans to vote for them. I had met n spoken to Sheylara before.. in an event organised by nuffnang. Shes a popular blogger and being said tt i've met her before.. i think shes a nice person. :)

Well... i'll just wish 'em all the Best!
these are jus my thoughts and how i feel...

Its quite hard for me to catch up with another 3 more days, unless miracle happens! hahaha...

But if you would still like to vote for me... u may click HERE!
You would need to register as a member first... before u can vote.
It would prob take u less than 2 mins :)

And Last but not least... this is my Sports Blog

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