Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hong Kong 25-29 March 2010 [Day 3]

On your way to the Victoria Peak near Central MTR Stn.
takin' a tram up the peak. :)

Over there... there's Madame Tussauds where you can get close to the wax figures of the many popular artistes and politicians. But u've to pay to get in... there are only a few of them displayed outside for visitors to take photos with... to name a few - Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh & James Bond. :)

am just trying to imitate him...
*there are a few ppl who told me that i somehow resembles him abit. haha... :P

simply RELAX at the Pacific Coffee up there...

group photo using my mini tripod... (finally used it)

Here we JUMP again!

back in the tram... going down this time... bidding Goodbye to The Peak!

this is how the tram looks like...
check out its History Here!

Jackie Chan and I

the tram in Hong Kong...
took this picture when i was in the cab.
its one of the local's favourite mode of transport which has been in service since 1904 (THATS VERY LONG TIME AGO!)

took a picture of one of the buildings over there... :)

had dinner.. like those "Cze Char" style in Singapore...
and we ordered beer! it's probably our last night in HK and we toasted!

Cheers !!!!!!

these were the food that we had tt night...
it was great!

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