Friday, March 12, 2010

Jack Neo - Woman Not Enough!

Where is our good family man that we always see ?

Some say he should come up with a movie call "Woman Not Enough!" instead.

Up till now... many things have surfaced. Press conference was conducted and now its probably a time for them to rest and sort things out themselves.

My personal opinion I felt that both the girls are not doing anything wrong to reveal his deeds. Without them standing out... there might be more victims in future. But nevertheless, sooner or later... girls who fall under his trap might still reveal his scandal. So... its just probably a matter of time...

On the other hand... now he has learnt from his mistake and i think we should all give him a chance and also his innocent kids n wife a chance. They still need a life to go on... as a family. This incident regardless of anything would definitely affect them n haunt them and is something that cannot be controlled. Cos it is all created by him... so no matter wad it is he has to bear some of the consequences... that is havin his wife n kids to sacrifice for him.

So just give him another chance...