Friday, January 8, 2010

Ferrari F430 Crashes on the Nicoll Highway on 19th Dec 2010

Red Hot Ferrari F430 WRECKED!!!

A red Ferrari was left a mangled mess after it hit a guardrail, then a tree, along Nicoll Highway in Singapore at about 7am on Saturday. But the driver was unhurt.

The driver, however, walked away from the crash almost unharmed.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said an ambulance arrived at the scene at 7.18am to find the man standing outside his car.

An SCDF spokesman said he had cuts on his arms and forehead.

When The Sunday Times visited the Lim Chai Meng, 36, at the Singapore General Hospital on Saturday, he did not seem seriously hurt.

He was in a room watching TV. He said he was "fine and resting" and declined to say more. - The Straits Times/ Asia New Network

Other information - Local netizens are wondering if it was a rented prancing horse or his own, it’s becoming a trend to rent a supercar for about 2-4 thousand a day or a weekend in the Asian country. Based on the plates its about a couple months old. The road he was on is not at all dangerous or with blind spots or hard corners. The time he was on it too would not have much vehicles on it nor is Singapore known for bad visibility.


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