Monday, July 27, 2009

Email Cash Pro - Paycheck

Just received my Email Cash Pro Paycheck...
its under Easttech Pte Ltd.

Click Here to find out more!

was featured in The Sunday Times in 2007
(Click to enlarge)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Young NTUC "The Search for U" Contest

Am shortlisted as one of the Top 10 Finalist for this

YoungNTUC "The Search for U" Contest!

I'm M3 Shaun Owyeong
(but they put Shaun Ow)

Closing date is this Friday, 24th July.

I need your support!

Pls Vote for me Here !

For your info, you may need to Register for an account with YoungNTUC before you can vote for me. It may sound troublesome... but it probably takes only 2-3 mins of ya time... so dO cast me your vote. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kiehl's in Conjunction with BlOgathOn Event @ Tangs - 18July2009

the day started off with nadia or nadnut the famous blogger

and me flaShing for Kiehl's

create avatar

Here's her bloglink |

with the ever fun-lOvery dOvey Kiehl's Boys !

trying to be funny...

time to work...

my best buddy William

Visit his Bloglink at

inside the window gallery... or in another words "Fish Tank?"

This event is in conjunction with the Tangs Blogathon event

Selected bloggers were to spend their time here in Tangs Gallery windows and stAy awAke for 24 hOurs from 6pm till the next day 6pm. At the same time, they need to get as many votes from the public so as to walk away with the very cool Lenovo laptops... i hava lenovo laptop too.. but its a mini one... the S10. :)

Here's Nadia n Jayden behind the windows...

Here's Jayden's Bloglink |

workin w our nEw Kiehl's boy , Dylan
he's darn fit...

YeAh...! Here we Congrats to Nadia whom we supported n wOn the First Prize... walkin away w a cool laptop form Lenovo.

Its was really yet another fun-filled event workin with YOU guys !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

PhotoshoOt @ Makeover Inc - 11July2009

was selected for as one of the Finalist to be appeared on the KOZINE magazine - a korean mag.

and there i've to come down for a photoshoot so that the pictures can prob put up in the next issue of the mag for u lovely guys n girls to vote for me...

If i emerge as one with the highest number of votes... i would be appeared on the cover... sth liddat. soo... u guys know wad to do yeah if u wanna see me on da cover! :)

Boldand here's my buddy, William who went down for the shoot w me also...
he did a shoot for himself too... with the voucher that he got :)

Thks to William for takin this shot.
i din know u took this picture...
its really candid!
Quite like it!

Michael Jackson - MoOnwaLk


Michael Jackson - Tribute

I agree with ya , Jayden.
I've goosebumps lookin' at it too ...

Michael Jackson - Neverland Ranch

Entry Gate

Map of Neverland Valley Ranch
(Click to Enlarge)

Entry Gate

One of the Mansion inside Neverland

Theme Park inside...

another Mansion

Customized Rolls-Royce
with Gold interiors (below)

clock in front of the house

Diamond studded glove

M & J joints together,
really cool...

Diamond studded jacket

Another Mansion

Theme Park


Railway Station
(Inside his house compund)


Railway track inside Neverland


Dashing Cars Play-area

HUGE Clock

Exotic Animals Area


Michael Jackson

indeed a Greatest Entertainer of all time...

Everybody knows him... even the young n old

will always be remembered in my mind

Rest in peace, MJ !

PS: This blogpost may come abit late... after his death.
But its jus sth i wanna share... :)