Monday, November 9, 2009

Wiwi and Wawa - Part 2

some really cutie cute photos to share... :)

sleeping~ like praying sia...

the other one is sleeping inside his pink kernel.

while washing their cage... i put them on the run ard my house!

Guess what? they shitted n peed and dirtied the floor...

like that also can sleep... cute!

eating together....

i removed the water tap and when he went there, there was no water... he waited there n seem a bit stunned!... haha... so cute!!!

Finally i washed n tidied up their home... re-arranged some placement of the items like the food container n cooling pad (the metal plate at e centre)

here they are inside their very clean home!!!

with the food refilled, they started to eat again!!!


hope u enjoyed this post!
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