Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MULAN - Omy.sg

Written by: Michelle~

Thanks to OMY, we got selected to watch the preview of Mulan!

the only Mulan I've ever watched was the disney version.. and I loved the story and soundtrack that came with it.. can't wait to see how this chinese version will fare!

collecting tickets at the reception... show starts at 715pm SHARP! Ticket collection starts at 645pm..

a movie date! -taken by a kind OMY staff at the reception desk-

a ticket admits 2.. and were all ready for the show!
there's was never a moment where I got bored with the show. It was a mixture of romance, action and humour. OK... I like Vicky Zhao Wei.. so whatever show she acts in, I'll like! whahaha... there's also Chen Kun, Hu Jun, Vitas, Jaycee Chan, Nicky Lee, Jingle MA...
I would highly recommend this show to all.. young and old...
however....I dislike the ending BIG time! simply because.. Vicky and Chen Kun were not together in the end! wah piangz.. when the movie ended, I could hear similar responses from all around me..(mostly girls) "why like that!" ... "not like that one lah!" ... "wah lao!" ...
the princess of that stupid tribe should just leave.. so there'll be a happily-ever-after..
but....but.. still go watch the show k.. then towards the end, close your eyes and picture your own ending! whahaha....
a movie trailer of.......... MULAN

P/S: I like the soundtrack Vicky sang!

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