Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Year Anniversary 27.09.09

we celebrated our 1 year anniversary at this Graze Restaurant

walking in we saw this big silver screen... kinda retro style

and theres a alfresco dining... good for romantic couples.

and heres the entrance to the indoor dinning where its air-conditioned.

nice homely feel... and if i'm not wrong the restaurant's owner is the one who owns chain of hotel named "Jia" which means Home. The concept of every hotel room has a very homely design n feel so that even when ya out of your country... u are still able to feel a home sweet home. :)

nice chandeliers... taken using my new camera | LX-3 Panasonic

the food is pretty nice... and the tomotoes are really sweet! I've never tried a tomato thats so nice!

the desserts are very nice too... i love the fries... !

not forgetting to take some nice pictures of ourselves :)

We actually decided to hand-make something for one another and present it on this special day of our 1 year anniversary.

and she gave me this...
a hand-made photo album
of all the things that we've done for the past one year.
something that i can look back - memories~!

and there goes the memories... where we first started! i gave her an anklet and made a "I LUV U" candlelight for her.

Page 2 & 3

Page 4 & 5

Page 6 & 7

Page 8 & 9

Page 10 & 11

Page 12 & 13

Page 14 & 15

Page 16 & 17

Page 18 & 19

Last page 20.

Of course i have a present for her as well...
it was procrastinated as i was unable to finish my hand-made project on time... due to some hiccups during the process of making it.
I probably can actually give it to her on the actual day 27.09.09 but if i give on the actual day the artwork wouldn't be very nice. Hence i decided to take a longer time to accomplish it, postponed the present and let her wait ... haha... :p
but i believed all the waiting was worth while afterall...

here i specially hand-made a Pink Volkswagen Beetle for her...
brought her to the TCC at Marina @ Keppel Bay on a separate occasion.
I made a Pink Beetle for her because she likes Beetle alot and she intend to spray her white Beetle Pink in the near future... so here i made a model for her in advance! :)

Dear... i'm really sorry tt i can't make it on time to give you ya pressie...

i will probably blog about the process of makin' it in the upcoming post.
so stay tuned!

we had it placed in between our food... :)

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