Thursday, September 3, 2009

TAMPINES 1 - Spring to L1FE !

Collected the vouchers that i won for
TAMPINES 1 - Spring to L1FE !
last week!

I won the Consolation Prize of
$100 Tampines 1 Shopping Vouchers!

This was the photo i sent in...

Special Thanks to William for takin' this nice photo of me...
Initially, just wanted to meet up with him to discuss on sth, but he initiated to take some pictures of myself so that i could participate in this contest as well...
In the end i really wOn, though not the first prize, but better than nothing!
William's entry didn't win... i felt abit bad but i dont mind sharing my prize with him... or perhaps i treat him to sth in another way.
Thks BrO!

Of course, nOt to forget...
Thanks ALL who had voted for me on Facebook on this Photo!
Without you guys, i probably wouldnt hav won it!
U Guys aRe GreAt! :)

1 comment:

Xing Tells You said...

you're really a lucky man!
always read about what you've won..
admire @_@