Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post In-Camp Training aka Re-service ...

During this ICT (In-Camp Training),
i managed to clear my IPPT and get a Silver for this window... on 4th Sept (my birthday) my next window will re-open again.

In fact, this was my second attempt before i got a Silver during that 6 days in-camp.
Previously, my first attempt i got jus a Pass all because of my running late by a few seconds.
i ran like 11:43 min.
i need to run in below 11:40 min in order to get a Silver despite the rest of the stations i scored 5 points. my running sux...
Eventually, because of that few seconds and the monetary issue... i told myself to go for another attempt to get the Silver. For which Silver ... the incentive is $200 Cash and Pass is $100. Fortunately, i ran in 11:28 min and got myself a Silver... :)
From the results above... my first attempt for the Standing Broad Jump was 239 cm and i scored 5 pts.. but this time i tried a few times still couldn't jump that far... my best so far ... was 250 cm.

Anyway, the night before i didn't sleep well or din even sleep the whole night. Probably kept thinking of the IPPT on the next morning. haha...!

Additional Stuffs to share...

Before i went in to Re-service... i actually bought some IKEA boxes keep my stuffs in place.
1 box for all the Facial products that i've... be it i won, got it from some events and functions, or friends who gave it to me.
1 box to hold all my watches... mostly that i won.

All these watches add up to about 2-3 k...
i wanna sell them all...
interested party pls email me :)

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