Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hamsters In The House !

Hamsters from my Girlfriend, Michelle...
She bought 2 Hamsters from Pet Lovers Shop.
And all in all adds up to about $260+
Even more expensive then my Terrapins...
I din know its so expensive to own this small Lil stuffs.
My terrapins plus the home, accessories n food altogether cost only about $20+

Last week... she brought it over at put it at my place for 1 week

Hamsters in the House!
and there i placed it here... above my shoe rack.

Quite nice though... :)

Closer look at their home...

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These are their sleeping home...
just like our bedroom.

Here.. they even have toilet and bathroom to Pee and Bathe respectively...

this is a Cooling Pad for them to lie on when they feel HOT!
its actually just a metal/steel plate which are usually cooling...

Gnawing on the foods..
sometimes we fed them meal worms and even grasshoppers which are their favourite foods!
Usually either one mealworm or one grasshopper per day.
All the foods bought from Pet Lovers.

See them running!!!
instead of threadmill, they run this...
According to research, they run for about 8 miles a day!


Going to sleep...

"Elo... i finish bathing le"

this is darn cute la...!
(manage to catch this shot in time)

half body in and half body out...
like that also can sleep... lol.

Caught her drinking!
Must be very thirsty after eating her food!

Both inside the Bathroom... haha
its actually made up of very fine sand that they used to bathe.
they will just twirl ard the sand... haha

Good bye!

All shots/pictures are taken by me.

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