Sunday, July 19, 2009

PhotoshoOt @ Makeover Inc - 11July2009

was selected for as one of the Finalist to be appeared on the KOZINE magazine - a korean mag.

and there i've to come down for a photoshoot so that the pictures can prob put up in the next issue of the mag for u lovely guys n girls to vote for me...

If i emerge as one with the highest number of votes... i would be appeared on the cover... sth liddat. soo... u guys know wad to do yeah if u wanna see me on da cover! :)

Boldand here's my buddy, William who went down for the shoot w me also...
he did a shoot for himself too... with the voucher that he got :)

Thks to William for takin this shot.
i din know u took this picture...
its really candid!
Quite like it!

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