Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GV GOLD CLASS - Transformers 2 | Revenge of the Fallen

Last Saturday

With my Gold Class tickets...
I went to watch this TRANSFORMERS 2 | Revenge of the Fallen with Mich... @ Vivo City GV Gold Class

Visit also : http://www.transformersmovie.com/

Each ticket cost S$38.

adjustable seats with jus a push of a button at the right or left side, the seats can be lowered down till as though u are lying on da bed. haha... what's more, theres blanket provided... with the Gold Class wordings embroidered on it.
and this is how it looks like inside...

seats are all arranged in pairs... so every couple will hava small table in between to put their food n drinks...

so talking about food & drinks.
What did we order ?

1 Hawaiian Gourmet Pizza | S$14.00
1 Farm Cut Wedges | S$8.00
1 GC Hersheys Hot Chocolate | S$5.00
1 GC Cappuccino | S$5.00

Total: $34.24 (After GST)

Come to think of it... All in all plus the tickets adds up to about S$110.
$110 for a movie, isn't it abit ex ?

But after watching it... what i would say is . . .
For those who have NOT tried the GOLD CLASS, i think you should try it at least Once.
Its an entirely different feel and comfort.
with waiters coming to you to serve you at your convenience.

here's my Gf... outside the theatre...

and of course, that's me !
Finally saw me ? ha...

Apologise for the photos above aren't very clear as i'm using my lousy handphone to take these pictures... Nevertheless, here are some nice pictures for u below... :)

Here are some nice pictures n snaphOts i would like to share...
Quite like this Bumble Bee in the movie...
its actual name is actually call Chevrolet Camaro

this above can be a really nice wallpaper!
in fact im using this for my office desktop wallpaper :)
(Click to enlarge)

and this is ONE car i find it Really CoOL in the show...
its called the Corvette Stingray | Concept Car


Anonymous said...

Hey, this Corvette Stingray is really COOL. Thanks for sharing.

shaun said...

ya its really cool!!!