Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do Singaporeans dress badly?

What is HOT and What is NOT ?

I would say Skinny is IN
Baggy is OUT!

In da past, baggy tops n bottoms can be quite fashionable. Probably during the "Yo! Yo!" period... trying to be punky, funky and better ones would do the breakdancing. But then again, even my friend who is a good breakdancer (was so good that he doesn't compete with others but stay at the ground to do the judging), he only wears a bennie or a cap, simple nice clothes that are jus nice for him, was not spotted once with any baggy clothes on him.

Nowadays, people go for skinnies... and it looks good if u can bring it on.

It works even better if u hava nice bod. B'cos skinny clothes are obviously tighter, and it actually brings out what you have in you... which is your bod... showing off the nice outlines and silhouette of your body.
I would say NOT all are suitable to go for skinny.


If you're FAT, Pls visit the Marie France Bodyline,
If you are darn Skinny, Pls Go n take some supplement!

Am not trying to be mean, but you've to know yourself well.
If you're one of the above, Pls Don't go for skinny!
Neither fat nor too thin fit the category.

It will only make you look awful and even worse, people start commenting on your back. You will look better in wearing something slightly bigger than skinny... If you're Fat, try to wear something dark or for the best, wear "Black" It will actually make you shrink and look smaller in size.

And of course, for those who are really thin... go for the opposite! Something bright :)

Let's take a look at how Singaporeans wear in the most popular place in Singapore - Orchard Rd!

(Click to Enlarged)

What's your say ?

Let's have a short discussion on some of the pictures.

Picture 1 - definitely Out... i guess you know why. its totally heck care!
Picture 3 - girl on the right is rather skinny, what she has on her with the jacket makes her very normal and doesn't really stand out among the crowd.
Picture 6 - lady on the left looks very sloppy, wonder if her tops are oversized.
Picture 7 - girl on the right is out... simply "anyhow" or maybe she's still young.
Picture 9 - abit Jap-style
Picture 11 - usually guys if you noticed are very normal... just a simple tee and a pants/jeans. nothing special.
Picture 12 - is not bad... sth different
Picture 14 - also not bad, at least they dare to try out more vibrant colours
Picture 15 - finally a guy...not bad though, he's a bit plump but he covered it well. :)
Picture 17 - i like the way she dress and the gladiator shoes jus matched
Picture 20 - kinda bright colours which really attract more attention. and i think she caught me taking her photo.

Pictures taken over a 20-min period shows that Singaporean aren't really that as interesting. I would say Singaporeans are just AVERAGE in comparison with other countries like Japan and Taiwan.

Look at how the Japanese dresses ? Its SO MUCH different from what we are in Singapore. Sometimes i wonder maybe its because of their weather over there, they feel cold and they have to wear all these stockings & winter shoes... Hence, they have a variety of styles and opportunity for them to dress like this... In Singapore, if you were to dress like this, people will probably say "SiaO Arh!", especially the aunties & uncles... LoL~!

Here we have the Boys & Girls from Taiwan...

Im sure you know how to compare... they are quite different from Singaporeans also... in terms of their dress sense... !




Nowadays more n more people are thronging down to town with Flip-Flops. I personally think that its perfectly fine as long as yours are those of the fashionable type like Havaianas which has lotsa design n style, and not those rubber "anyhow-designed" Batas slippers ... Even i also wear slippers to town sometimes... 'cos sometimes your feet needs to breathe also... probably after a long day at work or after some sports which make your feet sweat. e.g. soccer. But i have a pair flops - 1 white & 1 red. I would usually wear the white one when i'm wearing something bright on top and the red one when i'm wearing something dark.

Here are some photos to share...

Usually guys tend to be more simple and normal... and not so as outstanding as the girls out there. But a simple fitting Polo-tee and a Skinny jeans do make a difference. Even a simple black plain polo with the striped collar is good enough to make u stand out. Maybe some stripes for the top would be quite nice make it more interesting! a simple canvas shoe like this will do and it cost abt $59 only, from Converse - mine is dark grey! You can even try out different ways of tying your shoe laces - see my knot is on the side.

create animated gif

Mine is this the Hidden Knot - I can email you all the different ways of tying your shoe laces.
Simply drop me an email at

Also check out my past blogpost on "How to shOp for a 'Perfect' pair of Jeans"

a friend of mine, KS whom i think dresses well and looks good in skinny...

here's another friend of mine who's in the modelling industry. i remembered her saying during an interview that she like to try out different bright colours and even mix with them ard on her clothes... making it very colourful... its daring, but i like it ! :) by the way, shes popularly known as Sheila Sim

Here's my wardrobe... from formal to semi-formal, from long-sleeves to short sleeves...

with some floral shirts if u noticed. Sometimes we need to be more interesting, rather than just simple plain tee...

Sometimes we need to try out new things... above are some of the accessories that i've...

White Cap from The Heeren & the BiG plated belt from River Island, which i got for abt $10 Only! I got it at a Good Price la! :)

with the white cap on...



Wear your PJs Out ?

I think I would nOt be the first one! haha...

To be honest, nowadays who still wears PJ ?

Maybe our Ah Gong with the light and dark blue striped or the kids nowadays ! Even then most of them when they grow up, they are not in PJs anymore.

Else the last one, "Banana In Pyjamas!" haha...

I guess it would be BAD to wear that out even if you're just going downstairs to buy your breakfast after having a long night sleep with your messy out-of-bed hairstyle. You would still need to maintain your image no matter how. At least something presentable... unless you're still a kid!

Nevertheless, I still have some pictures of myself in PJs for you..




create animated gif

Maybe this is how u can still possibly look good in PJs... :)

with a simple skinny tie and a clean all white outfit + striped shirt.


for havin' this wonderful,

& exciting blOg competition!


PaulineTeo said...

I just finished reading your entry and congrats~!!! That you had won the first place in this competition. Can see your effort in it. Nice and interesting entry, with not much of offending to we, Singaporean LOL!

dblchin said...

Congrats! Brilliant winner!

Cross my fingers now for the nokia compeition XX)

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