Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bought these Cute Lil' Terrapins !

Bought 3 Terrapins Last Saturday, 06 June 2009

Each S$2.50
Home sweet Home - S$9.50
Coloured stones - $2.00
Food - S$4.50
Total $23.50
Was given a discount, hence total S$22.00 Only.

i bought 3 because i saw these 3 was together in a group, they were stacked up with the smallest on top. I don't wanna separate 'em so i bought all three...

caught them sleeping tt night and find 'em
cos' they stacked themselves up again!
The MOST AMAZING part is the smallest one was at the top, medium at the middle, biggest at the bottom.

Sun tan... but no sun...!

I saw them stacked up again on 10 June...
but this time on the LADDER !!!

I'm really AMAZED by what they have done...!

they may be slow, but they aren't stupid...
they really have brains... !

they even know how to stacked up with the smallest on top ...

Ready to jump off ...

Simply cute !

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