Monday, June 15, 2009

Best Place to have Internet Connection in Singapore !

Guess where is this?

Facing the sea...

Probably the most Southern part of Singapore...

nice serene place... with lotsa greenery...

Its MARINA @ Keppel Bay !

Main entrance porch.

Yachts anchored neatly there...

Givin' you a feel of being at the outskirt of the busy districts of Singapore

People sitting down and have drinks / foods at the cafe there

overlooking the sea...

simply relax...

& chill.

On the 2nd Floor, theres a TCC by the bay...

Nice foods and ambience there.

Me & my friends used to visit there in the evenings...

This is what you would see when you turn in to the Bay Drive

right after Harbourfront Centre

as you can see (Click to enlarge)... it gives a directory to what they have at the Keppel Bay

I would like to have internet connection at this place...

simply because i love nice sceneries and quiet places.

Good ambience plays a part.

I don't like to be in too rowdy places.

And I don't think its good to use internet access in rowdy places either.

Over here at Marina @ Keppel Bay you have a vast area of open space to make use of your internet access... on grass patches if the weather is not too hot, at the cafe near the yachts, or even at some shelter facin' the sea over there...

Its a "Purrrfect Place" to have a Wireless Internet Connection !

Just to side track abit... I've ever thought of places like in the toilets and on the buses or trains!

But because of certain reason... I think its not advisable to have internet connection there. Below are my reasons to support.

Toilets : I think its not very healthy to use ur comp. at the same time while you're doin your business because u might end up spending more time than usual to do your business and for those who are squatting, it might put on strain on ya legs! :P On the other hand, its not clean... in many ways, you should know wad i mean!

Buses & Trains : During peak hours, it would be quite crowded and we don't want inconsiderate people to use their laptop and cause inconvenience to the public. It may affect the flow of the human traffic and hence, not advisable. On top of that, buses n trains can be quite bumpy at times, it might cause giddiness or headaches to the commuters who are using the internet connection with the laptop; some people might not take it. As a result, its rather unhealthy also.

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