Sunday, May 10, 2009

3D2N Super Star Virgo Cruises 06-08 May '09

we took some pictures of the Super-sized Star Virgo Model before going on board...
its at the Harbourfront Centre, Level 2

view of the Star Virgo from outside...

As we were from he Balcony Class group,
we have the privilege of avoiding the long queues and checked in under the Balcony Class lane

Here's our access card to our room and purchases
There's also a $100 dining credit in it (Only for Balcony Class)

Our Entrance to the cruise was this luxurious lobby with 3 lifts leading up to 13th floor and 3 prancing Golden Horse welcoming us on board
( I heard michelle telling me tt only the Balcony Class passengers enter from the main entrance... the rest came in from the lowest deck and hav to climb up a flight of stairs to the main lobby... i dunnoe if its true but... i'll take it :) )

Above here as you can see is our cabin... 11602
which is on deck 11 - also the highest balcony class room.
took some pictures for u all to see... bed looks abit unkempt as we've laid on it fora while before that... :p

Arr... u trying to drive the huge vessel ?
anyway niCe picture ...
After boarding the cruise we went to explore around...
Above here is an observatory deck, place where u can have a nice view of the ocean / landscape from inside the ship...

Mahjong Room... too bad... we short of 2 pax.

Making a phone call ?
I see this antique phone everywhere in the ship...
Mich says (On her blog) its working.

At the back of the cruise...

The LidO Balcony
where most of the big performances are held there...
Its like a auditorium...

Above is a pianist playing and singing...

This is something called the BiNGO !
you have to buy the Bingo tickets and each ticket there are 15 numbers.
Each time they will call a number for 45 times, and if all the 15 numbers on your ticket is called u must shout "BiNGO" and you can walk away with the Grand prize amounting to $40,000.

Here's a clearer picture of The LidO Balcony.
While playing the Bingo and watching performances, we had the private seats shown on the bottom right corner... we order some drinks like cuppacino and ice milo while enjoying... cool...

The next morning 07.05.2009

Waking up lookin over the ocean... it looks so nice and peaceful...
givin' a feel of serenity...

at the open air area where there's pool and jacuzzis, with deck chairs for u to sunbathe etc.
its really a HOT day "'!

Self-taken photo with timer... haha

Going to board the smaller boat to our next destination, Redang Island

Its really a hOt day and while waiting for our massage (as we hav booked), we sat down at a resort and chill... with some apple and orange juices which really quench our thirst... ShiOk~!

Here was where we had our MASSAGE and its really ShiOk~!
Shown above bottom right are the rates of the massage package - Click on the image to enlarge.

we took the FULL BODY massage and the masseur who massage for me was a guy and i believe he is also the owner of this massage centre.
we somehow became friends while exchanging conversation during the process of massaging... he kept saying that i have muscles here and there... and wanted to train oso. So i told him that he can come look for me in Singapore to hit the gym when he's in Singapore to visit his wife.
After the massage, we somehow exchanged contacts and he said he will call me when he's in Singapore.

After a day @ Redang Island...

On da small boat, i took some picture of our cruise...

looking every inch so Impressive !

Had our BBQ Buffet dinner at the top of the cruise...
we took dishes like steaks, hotdogs, potatoes, fish, corn, chicken wings, etc.
after that we have desserts like pastries cakes... i love the cakes.. they are so nice! :)


... while havin our breakfast, i took this picture above

leaving a trail... a path it had taken...

Here we're back to the observatory deck for another try of the BiNGO!
The tickets looks like this.. in green. Each time you purchase the tickets, u would have to buy 3 of them at one time.

Going up to the highest deck to explore further

Here we're VERY close to this...

a view of Vivo City landscape

our last photo for this trip.... and we will be back again next time!

  • Go for 4D3N next time if you decide to go on cruise, maybe for Star Virgo only. 3D2N is NOT Enough !
  • There are many Indians on board the ship and I'm still wondering why is that so ? Maybe perhaps it is the only cruise ship in the world that has an authentic Indian restaurant on board that is certified 'halal'! (Facts from Star Cruise Virgo website)


Anonymous said...

Interesting information. Originally I was planning 2N tour, though now thinking of 3N tour.

Rajesh said...

Star virgo is very famous among the elite class indians. Singapore is also nearby destination fr India, so U have seen lot many indians on board.
I am also visiting the same vessel in this april, & also taking 3 N, as recommended by U.

Sheppardsncg said...

Star virgo is very famous among the elite class indians. Singapore is also nearby destination fr India, so U have seen lot many indians on board. I am also visiting the same vessel in this april, & also taking 3 N, as recommended by U.