Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Volkswagen Beetle vs. Nissan Cefiro

Volkswagen Beetle 1.6L

Dimension: L4,129 x W1,721 x H1,498 mm
Curb Weight: 1,230 kg
Wheel Size: 15-inch
Wheelbase: 2,515 mm
Horse Power: 102 bhp
0-100 kph: 13.2 sec
Fuel Tank Capacity: 55 L

Nissan Cefiro 200JK

Dimension: L4,845 x W1,765 x H1,485 mm
Curb Weight: 1,430 kg
Wheel Size: 16-inch
Wheelbase: 2,775 mm
Horse Power: 145 bhp
0-100 kph: 12 sec
Fuel Tank Capacity: 70 L

My Review
While driving the Beetle, sometimes I would like to think of Cefiro and compare it with the Beetle in terms of the performance, the dimension and other specifications... So here above I come up with a comparison between this two cars of different make, although both are of different category - Cefiro being the Large Saloon and Beetle being a smaller Hatch-back car with 2-doors.

The Beetle somehow lacks the power to accelerate at the very beginning when u step on the accelerator. Probably about the first inch when u step on the pedal is equivalent to not moving the car... Or should I say the car did not respond. But right after the first inch it start to accelerate and accelerated very fast... so fast that u can hear the engine reving very loud suddenly... which on the other hand u still have to control the needle from goin above 3 Rpm. That is because it is not good for the engine go to above 3 Rpm, especially for cars which have Not travelled for a long enough distance (maybe about 10 000km). But when it comes to cruising, travelling at around 80-100 km/h, the car seems to possess more hidden power ready to unravel.

Its an European car, some of the things are quite different from those of Cefiro which is from Japan. Example of the VW Beetle would be like the signalling would be on the Left side and the adjustment of the front lamp would be a knob on the right side, on the extreme right of the dashboard. Something different. Sitting inside this Beetle really gives a different feel of the car. One of the features of this car is that it can be switched to a 6-speed manual drive with just a plus or a minus. The gear number will change to a lower gear automatically when the car slows down. Cool! Without a doubt, the New beetle is one of the most recognisable shapes in the world. Based on a 3-arc profile, the design of the New Beetle is not merely the next generation of its much loved and trusted namesake, but the hallmark for automotive design that places personality alongside technology.

On the contruary, Cefiro gives a luxurious feel of the car... Its much bigger and much stable. Inside the cabin it is so quiet that sometimes I wonder if I've on the engine. I would say its more comfortable sitting in this car... Be it you're the driver or the passenger.Being more spacious and the leather seats are of good quality and very comfortable... cushioning your bottom and tour back. One of my friend even commented that the seat of this Cefiro has a firm support for the back which makes it very comfortable for the backbone to rest on. Afterall, I'm quite impress with the workmanship and the performance of the car as compared to some other cars of the same category which I do not want to mention here. Nevertheless, its a good car and we have no regrets. It's a new dimension in motoring - a pure statement in modernism that guarantees satisfaction with your style of luxury. Cefiro - there's nothin like it.

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