Thursday, December 18, 2008

Japan Hachinohe



Simple Dishes But Simply Delicious!
It was really nice havin small dishes - 2 of the same kind, 1 for me and 1 for her (Michelle)

See Ah Yee (Michelle's Aunty) preparing the food for us... Felt so fortunate to be served with nice food, esp. aft a long journey to her place!

Aunty speaks nice fluent Japanese... as well as English, cos she's Singaporean initially.

Japanese are innovative - When u flush the toilet bowl, u can wash ur hand at the same time

Aunty's Home and Car...

Aunty brought us to Hot-spring bath! Truly Enjoyable!

After that Aunty brought us to this Japanese Restaurant!
The Sushi everything is MUCH better than Singapore... sorry to say tt!
This girl here is Aunty's daughter, and her name is Mai (pronounced as Ma-yee)

SEE! This is Amazing and innovative too! The Shinkansen (Japan Bullet Train) delivers the food u ordered and will continue to beep untill u lift off ur food formt he train and pressed the red button on top.

Last but nOt leaSt, I'm sO luCky to witness the SnOw!!! It SnOws!!!

Its my first time to experience snow... lucky because we're bout to leave Hachinohe, and it snOws... Thank God!

ThAnks Aunty fOr yOur warmth Hospitality!

ThAnks dear... u let me experienced snOw!

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