Thursday, December 18, 2008

Japan Universal Studio 2008



Going to enter the Studios...

Here...this is how it looks like when u enter the place...

The atmosphere there is superb.. surrounded with loud christmas music playing on the street.

Walking on the streets with no vehicles.. basically jay-walking Freely! haha...

LoOk at the RoLLeR CoaSteR... swirling here and there and into this tunnel this low...

@ the Gifts & Souvenirs store

Michelle's holdin' the HeLLo KiTTy

I asked her to pose this wAy... :)

Over at the Gifts & Souvenirs store, there is this Spider-man Cup Noodle which is VERY INTERESTING... wanna blOg n show u Guys... It has the Spider-man face(fish cake) stick to the noodles... interesting Japanese...

Here we're at the SnOopy StudiOs... :)

I'm seeing a psychiatrist for ONLY 5-cents

Above are some of the other spots we visited... like the JAWS & JURASSIC PARK above...

Something RETRO... with these antique cars parkin' outside the Mel's restaurant.

Illuminated Universal Studios Globe outside the theme park

After coming out from Universal Studios, we had TAKOYAKI (MUCH BETTER THAN SINGAPORE) and MACDONALD's for dinner...Over there the Mac they have other different set meals and burgers... and we tried this Juicy Chicken Burger with 3 Chilli RatinG! Awesome!

Thanks, Its my First Time to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!

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