Thursday, December 18, 2008

Japan Ni-Jojo Castle

Ni-Jojo Castle


Here we travelled by bus on our own to Ni-Jojo Castle...
Lookin' @ MaPs and Askin' people ard.

At Ni-jojo Castle... we managed to visit the Shogun's Palace which was quite big and there are statues of him and his followers inside the Palace... It was quite Impressive. Thinking back on how they actually build this castle, an impressive home of their own.

An aerial view of a small part of Ni-Jojo Castle

Behind mE is the mOat which was used for defence purposes in the past

Above Picture is related to the one below...

Shown below is a very BiG "FenG Ling" in English prob call Wind Chime
My dad used to hang tt at home... but a smaller one...
When the Wind blows... the bell will ring... :)

Did u realise that the steps difference are quite BiG ?

Michelle told me that there's a myth that ancient people were all very tall.. at least 2m tall... so they built the steps in such a way that they were jus nice for them to climb... InterestinG!
If u knOw the truth... Let me knOw... or leave a comment here...! :)

Oh ya... this is probably my First Time to a Castle...

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