Friday, September 26, 2008

2008 Formula 1 Grand Prix First Ever Night Race !

2008 Formula 1 Grand Prix First Ever Night Race
Right Here in SINGAPORE !

26 , 27 , 28 September 2008

Our ticket lanyards - Michelle & I

We're going on the 26th FRiDaY

She manage to get it from her friend for FREE !

Click to Enlarge !

Ours @ the Bay Grandstand - Green Lower Seats

Priced at SGD$298.00

will be back with some photos - stay tuned!

Kiehl's Newsletter - September Issue !

Just CliCk to EnLarGe iT !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Birthday, 04 Sept 2008

its a wednesday night . . .

after work Michelle brought me to this place

Giraffe Restaurant and Bar @ Istana Park, Orchard

somewhere near Plaza Singapura & Dhoby Ghaut Xchange

i had this medium-rare Steak . . . small but its THICK!

Michelle had this Salmon plate . . . which is really niCe...!!!

she had this drink somewhat called the Grape Cosmopolitan . . . (Cant really recall the exact name for it)

i had this Irish-Cream !

had my cherry before i left the place to somewhere else . . .




and that somewhere else is actually Orchid Country Club (OCC)

she actually drove me there w/o me knowing where she's bringing me to ~ until we reach the place . . . even then i thought maybe we might be playing some games like pool, bowling or sth over there . . . BUT


to my surprise

she told me that we would be staying there for a night !

she had already booked a room !

And there . . . we spent a night there ~

It was probably the MOST unforgetable birthday surprise i've ever had.

Thank you Michelle !


a blue rose from Michelle . . . being the first gal to buy me a flower . . .

Braun Buffel from Michelle

she actually brought me to the boutique @ Suntec City before the dinner

and there i chose this below which i had been eyeing for ... she roughly know wad i want anyway :)

its a simple wallet with coffee brown threading around it . . . nice !

~ simplicity ~

GUESS WHAT ? my bro bought me a Braun Buffel key pouch of the similar design

and they Matched !

a Adidas sports shorts from my buddy, Kelvin . . .

Finally, gt my present from my secondary school friends on 29th October '08
RM, Jackie, Alex, KarFei & Wendao
they bought me this Pocket Hard Drive from WD (Western Digital) of 250GB...
its sth really practical...
and sth which i actually intend to get for myself... so as to back-up my files in my home computer
Thank you BrOs!
Last but not least . . . from our Kiehl's Boys & Girls !
they bought me a Pull-Up Bar from Kettler (Good Brand) which i've been aiming for very long and a pair of Insoles which can help to lift up my height :)

I really appreciate and felt surprised when William passed the present to me even though it was meant to be given to me on the 26th Sept dinner with other birthday Kiehl's boys... I apologise for not able to join u all on that day because of the F1 Grand Prix i have on that day . . . Nevertheless, i'll still remember the thought u aLL have put in . . .

ThAnks to Sarah, Tommy, Edwin, Terence, James, Samuel, Kobe, William & Jasmine !!!

Birthday Card done by the Kiehl's Boys . . .

PeOple who Messaged (SMS) me on my Birthday 04Sept08

Starting from the first person . . .




Velda (Cousin)

Jud (Shine Models & Talent Agence)


Ms Tan Li Quinne (Former English Tutor)

LiLing Poh


Alan Ng

Li Hui



Mong Kuan





Ernest Tan

Nicole Tan (Aunty)


Last but not least, Jackie Tay being the last person for that day!

Belated One from TOmmy (Kiehl's Boy)

Thank You aLL !

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



I bet you know what is a social networking site - Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, etc...

What about a VIRAL social networking site that PAYS YOU?

A new viral social networking site has just been 'prelaunched' on Saturday and I think you should get in for 3 reasons:


Reason #1 - Build leads and get paid!!

This new system is different from conventional social networks in 3 ways:

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3) you can qualify for revenue pool sharing!!!

It's a great way to get some free promotion and get paid at the same time!

Reason #2 - It's going to rock!

A lot of top Internet Marketers are already in now, fighting over the top referral prizes. So I believe this website is going to rock in no time!

Reason #3 - Get in now and win great prizes!!!

It's prelaunched, so you too have the first mover advantage. You too have a chance to win the top referral prizes worth $6,700 in total!!

Some of the cool prizes to be won include:

You know that when it comes to a viral program, the earlier to join, the better.

So go get into the network now before everyone else start getting your share of the pie!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kiehl's Outing @ SentOsa 06Sept'08

my tracce taking a stroll at Siloso Beach . . . lalala . . .

watch me play soccer for now

Siam larh... !!!

Picnic foods prepared by William & Jasmine

I brought E-clairs there too . . . but was finished by all the hungry hunky kiehl's boys long before that . . . haha . . . but its niCe la . . . tts why was finished fast ! :)

(Oh ya... the E-Claires are from Michelle! smile*)

enjoying e food . . . yummy !

P.S. Great Outing !

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kiehl's Start Here Event @ SentOsa, 30th Aug

10 Hunky Kiehl's Boys for the day @ TanjOng Beach !

with the dogs . . .

just arrived . . . Jonathan helping me w the dog . . . :)

aRgh... gonna fight u down... but in the end i lose la... so hard to balance myself ... :(

arh... its my turn to be dunked !

check us out !

with my deary tracce . . .

well taken photo by our Kiehl's Boy, William !

look @ her swim . . . actually strugglin' abit la at first . . . :)

running down ... forcing her to go down n swim ~

guiding her fora good start . . . :)

Guess what ? We were involved in the Guiness World Record for jus throwing the Frisby high up in the air . . . And our Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mr. Vivian Balakrishnan attended and witnessed the inaugural mark of this... Cheers!

Did u realise something ?

we are all in Num tanks ! :)


P.S. Thanks all ... really enjoy working with u all and always looking forward to the next event . . .