Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

2nd Aunt's Place @ Upper Thomson

my brother

my Ah Ma...

the atmosphere

After the celebration, a few of us including my cousin, Rachel sat down outside to play some games w the cards n dices and loser has to drink.

All in all i guess the 5 of us had drank more than a carton of 24 cans... Wow...!

Michelle's Chalet @ Aranda

Me, QC, YongJie, Veronica, Jason

I brought this mini mahjong for them to play...

just played for fun... so neva play w money, hence not tt fun also... to be honest!

Here's my dog, Tracce with her Christmas outfit - Santa Dog!

Cute ?
with Ernest

Toru - Michelle's Japanese Cousin
See QC so hardworking! :)

Here they Welcomed WeiJie who jus arrived.

Oh.. so the food is BBQ-ed for tracce ?

C h e e r i o s !

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