Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Presents

These are the presents i received for this Christmas...

Its one of the most enjoyable Christmas ever... esp. with my darling ard this time

Michelle gave me this Pink mouse which has Swarovski crytals on it...

How mUch is it ? I dunno...

she always dun wanna tell me how much are the things she bought

Can be quite annoying sometimes but its very niCe of her la...
Thks dear!

my 2nd brother bought me this... something useful...
Shower Gel Deo Body Spray Natural Fragrance Spray

@ my 2nd Aunt's place... I gt this from the Gift Xchange session
and coincidently it was from my Big Brother...

He bought this at Robinsons for the Gift Xchange.

Both Me & my 2nd Brother won this during a game ... also @ my 2nd Aunt's place
The Game - both of us hav to step on a piece of newspaper and we have to fold the newspapers into half everytime the music stops... and there, see which is the last couple that can sustain thru out. In the end we won... i carried my brother 3 times... folding the papers smaller and smaller...
He's heavy... but i manage to balance on 1 leg... Bingo!

This was sth i gt from Michelle's Chalet @ Aranda
I got this from QC during the Gift Xhange.
Its useful... Good for me to travel w when i go for swimming and some sports.
Thks QC ! I just used it tdy after soccer... hahax.

Last but not least, i got this from my colleague, Eugina

was rather surprise that she had xmas present for me... but of cos not only me, some other colleagues as well... Its actually some Honey... which is good for e throat. Thks Eugina!

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