Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kiehl's HAIRassed Event - 11-12 Oct '08

Ooo... i knw this is quite outdated... but i still wanna blog about it as I find this event very interesting n fun.. plus its my first Hairy event for Kiehl's :)

Was really busy with alOt of things and i've many things in mind to blog about before this... so this comes abit later... apologise for e procrastination.

Eight Kiehl's boys for that day, 11 Oct

a picture w a loyal customer

William & Jasmine came to visit us on Sunday, 12 Oct

Where's One more Kiehl's boy ?

Count again!

Should be 8 right ? lol

Kiehl's Class Photo of the Year 2008

my FIRST hair wig for the event...

this look like a statue...

Feelin' HAIRassed ?

Yes for sure with that HAIRY WiG!

I din even knw i gt this picture... its taken by William. NiCe!
Thanks Bro!

YOU should Use this... !

the colour of the hair wig MatChes with the Balloons... haha

with Kiehl's boy, Peixiang :)

Our booth... looking so professional every inch!

Hair products on e display . . .

took a picture with this Lil' boy inside the booth... while his parents were busy fillin' up e profile form & gettin' e hair samples :)

a wedding couple wanted to take a picture with us...

Michelle & I - Our nErdy Pic ... :P

GUESS WHAT ? when she came she brought me this while i was working...
When i was working, she was doin her shopping w her friend and she bought me this GUESS watch which i quite like it...
I actually did told her that i quite like this piece from GUESS while shopping w her the other time... and now its MINE & I'm weAring it! :)

Simply CoOL .

niCe balloon in the store, Tangs

she loves it...

my friend RM with his gf, Kaiyi ... dropped by to visit me as well as to try the samples.

And not to forget, he bought a Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub tt day...

  • For all skin types
  • Skin buffer
  • Helps resist effects of environmental stress
  • Softens facial hair for closer shave
  • Minimizes ingrown hairs
  • Not tested on animals

Our efficient and energizing skin buffer sloughs away dead surface skin cells and other impurities from the face. Made with highly effective scrub particles derived from Apricot Kernels, this super scrub alleviates roughness and helps break down tough facial hair for a closer, more comfortable shave, while minimizing ingrown hairs and other skin irritations related to shaving. With a natural blend of Caffeine, Menthol, and Vitamin E - as well as invigorating extracts derived from Lemon and Orange Peels - our "refueling facial buffer" reenergizes complexion and gives skin a more evened, refreshed appearance.

He commented that this is good... after i gave him some facial samples to go back n try some time ago ... SEE! I got do my work! I influenced him... :P

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