Thursday, October 9, 2008

Formula 1 GP Singapore's 1st Night Race on 26Sept'08

This is my FIRST TIME watching a Formula 1 GP LiVE ! It was sth which i never thought i would be able to fulfil. Even then, when i know about this F1 thingy, i didn't actually go n book the ticket nor do i bother bout it too much... reason being the tickets are kinda expensive and i dont really have any special liking or hav any interest in Formula 1 automobiles. On the other hand, partly, im kinda lazy to book also...

BUT jus so happened that my dear..., Michelle has 2 tickets for the one on 26 Sept (FRI) and she watched it with me... She actually got the tickets from her friend Claire who somehow has quite a number of tickets to giveaway and/or sell it away alternatively. When she called Michelle, Michelle straight away booked 2 tickets. Obviously its for me... THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR!

But of course after the whole thing, i become more interested in F1 cars and even read up abit on it... like say for e.g. sth which u all might not know which is the normal F1 car can actually hit from 0-100km/h in JUST 2 SECONDS! Thats FreakinG AmAzinG!

Below is an Extracted article of what some people gotta say:

One of them, Briton Simon Crosse, 44, said: 'This is my first visit, and I've been overwhelmed. I've been to about 15 other Grands Prix, and this is the best!'

'The night atmosphere, the organisation, it was just fantastic.'

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave the event the thumbs-up from the Pit Building yesterday, after watching part of the proceedings on track.

'The race itself is one thing. I think the audience, we've got the stands full, people are enjoying themselves and we've got a lot of publicity from this for Singapore.'

'I've been watching it on TV the last couple of nights, not watching the cars, but watching the skyline, to see whether the skyline shows up and we see Singapore showing off its best.'

'And I think that it's a city we can be proud of, and this is a valuable buzz, publicity for us around the world, which will benefit us in many ways.'

Evening Time... Nice scenery overlooking the pitch with the lit up balls on it... :)

Nice scenery of the skycrapers in the Evening Time

Me & Her...

Michelle & I snapping a shot @ Raffles City before headin to the Bay Grandstand...

if u dunno, this a 5 series, BMW... its prob used as a utility vehicle for the F1... took this pic to show my bro... he loves cars too... :)

there's Secret Recipe here... and Ding Tai Fung also... but i diden take a picture of that due to bad lighting from the Sunset at tt time... :)

This is the Official Singapore GP Merchandise which sells Polos & Souvenirs of the F1.

Goin' Up the Bay Grandstand... !

Do u think i somewhat look like a photographer? Lol... esp. with the lanyard on...

Night time scenery... of the Skyscrapers

Close up view of Kimi Raikonnen driving his Ferrari on the screen...

After watching the F1, on our way to Lau Pat Sat... find this scenery quite nice... and i took a picture of it... :)

havin' supper at Lau Pat Sat with Michelle's friends who went for the F1 also...

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