Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Get Paid to Post & Review



I'm sure you're interested to know how to go about doin' it . . . IF NOT you wouldn't be right here reading this.

There is NO FREE LUNCH in this world WITHOUT doin anything . . .

For this, of course you have a task to accomplish before you actually get paid, but trust me... its REALLY "SI BUEI KAN TAN" (VERY SIMPLE) !

Just follow the steps properly, and you're on ya way to get paid.

So "Ko Tan Simi? Mai Tu LiaO. . .! Wu Lui Mai Tan Ai Tan Di Si ?"
(So What are u still waiting for ? Don't wait any longer. . .! How long more do you still wanna wait when there's money for you to earn?)

1. First of all, u need to have a BlOg (If not, pls sign up one with www.blogger.com)

2. Register an account with Advertlets.com

3. Write a Review on Advertlets with at least 1 Advertlets Ad unit

4. Submit a Contact Form to Advertlets for their approval on ya review

In Addition, there are certain criterias like min. 200words, no vulgarities etc. you have to follow in order for your post and submission to be successful. Below is a direct link to the guidelines u should comply . . .


All Singaporean bloggers are invited to participate in our “Singaporean Special Program”. You can write reviews in English, Bahasa, or even in Chinese.

The following review slots are available:

280 Reviews, SGD 25 each (blogs with more than 10 unique visits per day)

10 Reviews, SGD 60 each (blogs with more than 100 unique visits per day)

10 Reviews, SGD 128 each (blogs with more than 500 unique visits per day)

and just because we feel like it:

2 Reviews, SGD 88 each (for reviews in Romanized Hokkien! Really. But no KNNCCB kind of stuff, okay?

Screenshot of Advertlets.com

advertisers + bloggers = money + happy

Advertisers make their message count.

Bloggers make money doing what they love.

All it make sense on Advertlets.com

- Asia's Better Blog Advertising Network

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