Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nice Machines.

nissan GTR

honda Integra

nissan z350

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kiehl's Start Here Event

Hi aLL,

I'll be involved in another Kiehl's Start Here event on
30th August (Sat), but this time it would be
@ SentOsa - Tanjong BeAch... From 10 am - 6 pm...

Feel Free to drop by though its abit way out of town... 8 kilometres...

See you there!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 Legged Chair

Sitting on 3 legs...
Only 3 legs wor... SEE properly!

Bowling @ Safra Mt Faber

Went bowling w Michelle last Friday... and these videos are taken by her. :)

they say got the "SeH" (Style) there . . . so now i can see for myself.. from da back.. well..indeed.. hahA....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kiehl's Start Here Event on 16-17 August @ TangS!

a route to ur daily cleansing regime... with Kiehl's

Wei Cai visiting us at Tangs... like his shirt lor...

how come Gary so happy ? isnt tt suppose to be a modelling pose ? haha...

GIF animations generator

they actually took a picture of me breakin' it... haha... im rather surprise to see its a movin picture! Cool!

This is my forfeit for the day!


William's Blog -


Gary's Blog -

for an exclusive video of EdisOn.

( NOT the ScAndAl OnE! )

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kiehl's Event @ Tangs with the VAN! 9-10 August

This event is probably the most fun one so far . . . Maybe cos there r games to play, apples to give-away, snapping of many polariods photos... w many people on the streets and got to advertise on top of the Van... MERCEDES-BENZ somemore lehz... Dont Play Pray arh...! haha... here are the photos... enjoy!

the colour of the van suits Kiehl's perfectly... Silver :)

Kiehl's products... promoting the correct cleansing regime...
cleanse, tone & moisturize

Our YaoHui - lookin' good on top... jus like a model... with his striking hair colour & style...
the Old Folks play...

and the Youngs play as well...
nice picture over here...

bumping into the Kallang RoAr GaLs...

this lady is rich lor... forgot to get her number.... aiya..!

tommy looks so funny in this picture.... so cute! haha...

1st pose: striking a pose with our biceps against our product... looks good yeah! (i suggested actually... haha)

2nd Pose: reachin e sky...

3rd Pose: the Product is GoOd!

4th Pose: LEts use it!

5th Pose

6th Pose

a korean girl who wanted to take a picture with me... so honoured!

( actually don feel like sitting on it... cos the top of the van is actually abit dirty... haha.. Oops...! )

the backdrop is nice... with the moon above us and nt forgetting the stand-alone Wisma Atria...

eh.. arent we doin at Tangs ?

Hope u've enjoyed the tour!