Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bad Day ? ?

Guess today's a bad day, but i managed to try turned it ard...

Went to play soccer this morning, only played for a while and i got 3 injuries... usually i play i don get even a single injury. but tdy was really different, could it be b'cos i din play for very long ? i din play for like a month le... skipping quite a few sessions w 'em... but anyway how did it go ?

First - i was directly hit on the left knee by my opponent's leg bone or sth. Second - Then later i accidently lost control of my legs and i sprained my left ankle. Its not very serious but its still pain. jus a slight hump on the area i sprained. Usually serious one would be bigger. which i "kana" (exprienced) long time ago. Somehow i realised tt i can still play when i tried hopping ard i continued the game. Third - But soon after that i was hit right in the face, this time by my own team-mates (not very close to him) who came very fast towards me and his shoulder somehow hit very HaRd on the left side of my face. And that i thought i shud need a rest and withdraw from the game. later i smelt blood in my breathing and i used tissue to check and realise its bleeding inside.

Now my knee is pain, my ankle is pain and my nose bridge is pain also...

How i managed to turn my day ard? I brought my dad n my dog, Tracce to Labrador Park fora stroll... though its reelee HOT! haha... but we had ice-cream. =) then at night went to my aunt's place to hav dinner and somehow celebrate Fathers' day. =)

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