Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moore bout myself...

Life seems rather mono-toned recently... somehow gets abit confused at times... but nevertheless i still hav to make a wise decision and know what i want... sometimes in life we've no choice but still we've to make a decision... be it favourable or not.

Yesterday one of my colleagues, though not so close, was SACKED! on the spot from work by his lady boss. Somehow or rather he did not accomplish the work that he was told to do for almost 1 wk... maybe he has his reasons. She told him that he's paid to work here and what is he doin for the past 1 wk... etc. He simply replied "You can Don't Pay me..." With that 5 words, she said "Ok Fine !" and she stamped off to inform the HR that he's off... we don't need him... Thats it! I was jus at the other side of the cubicle when this happened. It was rather shocking that my colleagues beside me din even utter a word until after everthing was over... This guy, Joe... from what i see... spoken to him a few times... he's a very friendly and cheerful person... and i find him pretty approachable... and i really feel sorry for him after that incident... i jus pondered why this thing would happen to him... maybe he has tolerated her for very long or simply she did not give him face or in other words didn't show respect for him in front of his colleagues, hence making him embarrassed. On the other hand, my the other colleague told me that he already has intention to resign or going to resign. But anyway, its over... jus hope that he would find a better job outside...

This afternoon just went for another audition... for KFC Tv Commercial... the place was very near my home... so it was nt hard for me to find the place... basically i was told to act out 2 roles... one holding the KFC chicken... the other holding a packeted food... and so on.. i would not reveal to much... as this might be against the rights. anyway, i wasn't very satisfied w my performance though i've tried my best to act it out... =) nevertheless.... i would not opt out the possibility that they would choose me. Maybe they like me ? who knows... haha... so jus bother too much and wait for the news naturally... =)

Alright... gtg.... tc n thks for reading! =)

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