Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to create an illusion of a Longer Body ?


Dressing smart can make it look like you have the right proportions even when its far from perfect. Try these tips from stylist Joshua Cheung:

- Don't Wear high-waisted trousers as they accentuate a short torso. Instead, go for hipster jeans or pants.

- Leave tees or casual shirts untucked. If you feel this looks sloppy, go for polot tees. Another chich alternative is the Nehru-collared, tunic-style shirt which is meant to be worn with the shirt tail falling below the hip bone. You can find these @ British India, but expect to pay about SGD$150 or more for one.

- Wear shirts and bottoms in the same colour if you're for example working in a formal environment which requires you to tuck your shirt in. So go all black, all navy, all grey or all brown. This helps maintain visual continuity from top to bottom, giving the illusion of the length.

In addition, Jacket also helps. The hem of your jacket should end at about mid-thigh. This will lead the eye downwards, keeping the focus away from your torso.

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Hope you gained sth from this... ;)

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