Sunday, May 18, 2008

All in One !!!

Bought this shirt from Topman last month for bout 60+ if im not wrong... but was after a 20% discount from a fren who has got the membership. jus find it quite fitting and a different style of me... suitable for me to go chill our for some wine at dempsey over da weekends... :)

Finally went to the Top One Ktv yesterday, which was a Friday nite... paid 28 bucks... with choice of 7 drinks - freeflow. And the above is something like an arcade station for u to choose ya songs and adjust ur voice key etc... overall i would say its not bad... jus that ours tend to hang abit here and there... which can be quite turn off but i guess other rooms might not be the same... :)

And oh ya... went to do the Vkool thing for our car at Thermal Guard.. somewhere macpherson there.... above are the specs.. its the most basic.. what else? its Free... ;)

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bnnp said...

hey where is the ktv at?? any no to give?