Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

2nd Aunt's Place @ Upper Thomson

my brother

my Ah Ma...

the atmosphere

After the celebration, a few of us including my cousin, Rachel sat down outside to play some games w the cards n dices and loser has to drink.

All in all i guess the 5 of us had drank more than a carton of 24 cans... Wow...!

Michelle's Chalet @ Aranda

Me, QC, YongJie, Veronica, Jason

I brought this mini mahjong for them to play...

just played for fun... so neva play w money, hence not tt fun also... to be honest!

Here's my dog, Tracce with her Christmas outfit - Santa Dog!

Cute ?
with Ernest

Toru - Michelle's Japanese Cousin
See QC so hardworking! :)

Here they Welcomed WeiJie who jus arrived.

Oh.. so the food is BBQ-ed for tracce ?

C h e e r i o s !

Christmas 2008 - Presents

These are the presents i received for this Christmas...

Its one of the most enjoyable Christmas ever... esp. with my darling ard this time

Michelle gave me this Pink mouse which has Swarovski crytals on it...

How mUch is it ? I dunno...

she always dun wanna tell me how much are the things she bought

Can be quite annoying sometimes but its very niCe of her la...
Thks dear!

my 2nd brother bought me this... something useful...
Shower Gel Deo Body Spray Natural Fragrance Spray

@ my 2nd Aunt's place... I gt this from the Gift Xchange session
and coincidently it was from my Big Brother...

He bought this at Robinsons for the Gift Xchange.

Both Me & my 2nd Brother won this during a game ... also @ my 2nd Aunt's place
The Game - both of us hav to step on a piece of newspaper and we have to fold the newspapers into half everytime the music stops... and there, see which is the last couple that can sustain thru out. In the end we won... i carried my brother 3 times... folding the papers smaller and smaller...
He's heavy... but i manage to balance on 1 leg... Bingo!

This was sth i gt from Michelle's Chalet @ Aranda
I got this from QC during the Gift Xhange.
Its useful... Good for me to travel w when i go for swimming and some sports.
Thks QC ! I just used it tdy after soccer... hahax.

Last but not least, i got this from my colleague, Eugina

was rather surprise that she had xmas present for me... but of cos not only me, some other colleagues as well... Its actually some Honey... which is good for e throat. Thks Eugina!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

3rd Month-niversary

27th December 2008

This was something Michelle bought for me to commemorate our 3rd Month being together in the relationship :)

A glass cube with our photos inside
All taken from our vacation @ Japan


To TURN CLOCKWISE to the one below and so on...


Took this in Tokyo Tower @ 50th Storey

Making the vapour on the glass with my breath and i wrote this -


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hong Seh's 40th Anniversary Exotic Car Exhibition 04-06th Dec

Hong Seh is the Distributor for the Ferraris and Maseratis. Its their 40th Anniversary and they are holding an exotic car exhibition of their own @ The Pit Building near the Singapore Flyer @ MArina from 04-06 Dec. Its a wonderful event NOT TO BE MISSED as they will gather exotic cars from Jaguars and some other manufacturers like the Nazca which resembles the BMW... U might probably see them once in your lifetime...

I went there on the 06th December, Sunday with my gf Michelle.
Thks for her companion.

Testerossa 512



Enzo Ferrari

Michelle said one of her old friend or swimming instructor drove this above... an old horse too... haha..

This is the only ONE that i want to catch...

The XJ220
During its time... its one of the Fastest Supercar ever made, which can travel up to a top speed of 220mph and that depicts its name - XJ220

For your info, 220mph is equivalent to 354km/h

The Nazca

Maserati Gran Turismo