Thursday, October 11, 2007

My New Nokia 6300

Uh... i really love this phone... its Great so far... though its nt a 3G phone. but i think in S'pore we dont reallyneed a 3G phone, depends on wad kind of job you're working also. if not most of the people bought 3G phones for probably jus showing off? i suppose. haha... well, i may be wrong. but anyway, my very first phone was Nokia, and then i tried using LG (choc) and Sumsung, and now finally back to Nokia again. Im relieved to use back Nokia again. It makes me feels more comfortable and enjoyable. All thanks to its user-friendly functions. I believe Sony Ericsson is not bad also, if given a chance i would like to try tt too, but for now i jus wanna use Nokia. - Its your mama. haha... remember the ad? haha. oh ya, i gt this phone for real cheap, probably at ard 20 plus Only. want to know why? ask me lor... haha... theres a trick.

& just your additional info, i was sick for the past 2 days or so... woke up on tues mornin 530am diarrhoea n followed by vomiting. and i vsited the toilet numerous times for e whole day... i got mc for today which is WEd...