Saturday, September 8, 2007

What i've GOt fOr my BdAY...?

a shirt and a shades, both from Topman... from my secondary school friends...

TEN by Vincent Ng (jus in case u don't know who is he, he's a Mediacorp artiste). this book is from my one of my Best PaL, Kelvin.

a pair of Tie... from one of my online friend... Kelly. =)

a simple card snailed mailed from my beloved best female pal, Layleng... =) (wah.. i liddat say dunnoe will offend any of my other female pals or not... haha)

22 assorted food items... including a goggles, so total 23 items to mark my 23rd Birthday! from my eldest bro Chris n his wife Juan. =)

Last but not least, of course there are Ang BaOs from my parents... its a usual practice. =)


Overall... its pretty ok...

but my friends din noe that i don't really like people to give me clothings as a present. sObz. there are reasons to it. basically 3 reasons. but i shall nt say it here, probably next time... in other post. haha. but after trying the shirt i find it not bad, quite nice. so still ok.. jus that the sleeves are abit long, have to tailor abit. As for the Shades its abit too big. hahax...; it covers my eyebrows which shouldn't be the way (can see the pic below). Aviators are big, but did tried some which is jus nice for me w/o covering my brows... =) but tts ok. cos they dunnoe ma... haha... That TEN book which is from my friend, Kelvin is quite a good gift. "Its something I would like to have, but wouldn't buy" - this is wad i messaged him. and i find this sentence real cool. dunch u think so...? so probably if this sentence can be used for the present that u'r buying for someone, tt must be a good present at least.


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