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The Ultimate Tribute to Elvis - Legends In Concert!

Went to watch the The Ultimate Tribute to Elvis - Legends In Concert
Few weeks ago with my dad.
There were actually three different representations of Elvis by three different people.
Continue to look on below. :)



Here's my dad.
I guess he's the best person I should bring to this show.. as it brings back to some oldies that he listened to before.. :)

23 Words Mispronounced By Singaporeans Their Whole Lives

Now don't get me wrong, Singlish is great. It gets the job done and every Singaporean (and Malaysian) knows what you're talking about when you speak Singlish. It is super unique and essentially makes us who we are. Singlish is the best.  But it bothers me when English words, not Singlish but English, are mispronounced by Singaporeans.

I'm not saying I'm not guilty of committing these errors, I absolutely am. But since there's no better way to learn for myself and to help other people learn too, here's a list of 23 words that Singaporeans tend to mispronounce along with their correct pronunciations. 

1. Flour

Singapore Pronunciation: flahr
Correct Pronunciation: flou-er

I think majority of us tend to get this one wrong, I know I'm guilty. Instead of saying it like "flahr" its meant to be pronounced like "flou-er" or flower. Yeah, I know, English is a strange language.
Update: Okay for Singaporeans still in denial about this saying the pronunciation is actually "American" - please go to and play the audio version of the British version. The British distinction is not as clear as the American but you can look at the phonetics and if you listen clearly, its pronounced the same way. FLOWER!
So yes, you've been pronouncing it wrong your whole life. But so have we, so don't worry!

2. Algae

Singapore Pronunciation: el-gay
Correct Pronunciation: al-gee

We see the A at the end of this word and proceed to pronounce it like "el-gay." (El actually means "the one" in Spanish so pronouncing it like that is like saying "The Gay One." LOL)
The right way to say it is "al-gee" as in "Oh Ehm Gee, there's a whole lot of algae in that pond!"

3. Cement

Singapore Pronunciation: see-men
Correct Pronunciation: si-ment

So a lot of people pronounce this like "See-men" when its actually "si-ment." Needless to say, mispronouncing this one might lead to some VERY awkward situations. 

4. Children

Singapore Pronunciation: chew-ren / cho-dren
Correct Pronunciation: chil-drehn

I'm all for food, but chewing people really does not sound like a good idea.

5. Divorce

Singapore Pronunciation: die-vos
Correct Pronunciation: di-vors

Yeah, divorce is a really horrid thing and you might feel like you're dying but that's no reason to call it "die-vos". Lets all agree to stick to "di-vors," okay? Okay.

6. Lingerie

Singapore Pronunciation: ling-ger-rie
Correct Pronunciation: lon-zhurh-rey

Okay this one is a bit tricky so if you mispronounce it, like I do, you're forgiven. Maintaining that English is a strange language, this one isn't pronounced "ling-ger-rie" which is obviously how it looks. Tap into your inner pretentious French speaker and say it like "lon-zhuhr-rey".

7. Opportunity

Singapore Pronunciation: o-por-tunity
Correct Pronunciation: op-uh-tyoo-nuh-tee

This is an example of one that gets on my nerves. Instead of "o-pour-tunity" it should be pronounced "op-uh-tyoo-nuh-tee". The incorrect pronunciation honestly makes my skin crawl.

8. Prayer

Singapore Pronunciation: pray-er
Correct Pronunciation: prair

Nope its not "pray-er" its "prair". Why is there a Y? Yeah, I don't quite know either.

9. Salmon

Singapore Pronunciation: sal-mon
Correct Pronunciation: sam-uhn

Another word with a completely redundant letter, instead of "sal-mon" it should be pronounced "sam-uhn." Ever wonder who makes these rules?

10. Sugar

Singapore Pronunciation: su-ger
Correct Pronunciation: shoog-er

I don't tend to come across this mispronunciation often but its pretty common. The S is sugar is meant to be pronounced as an Sh sound so instead of "su-ger" it should be "shoog-er".
Just imagine you're trying to shush that "ah girl" up. "Shoo girl" but without the L.

11. Tuition

Singapore Pronunciation: tu-tion
Correct Pronunciation: too-ish-uhn

Its important to get this word pronounced properly, seeing as its on the lips of every locally educated person. Its "too-ish-uhn" instead of "tu-tion".

12. Women

Singapore Pronunciation: woo-men
Correct Pronunciation: wim-in

Nope, we ladies are not trying to "woo-men." It should be pronounced "wim-in." Keep that in mind so the next time you face a tough lady, you won't experience a serious beat down.

13. Colleague


Singapore Pronunciation: Ker-ligg
Correct Pronunciation: Call-leeg
This could save you from some embarrassment at an international meeting/office.
"And dis is my ker-ligg Ah Beng." 

14. Probably


Singapore Pronunciation: Problee/Prolly
Correct Pronunciation: Prob-buh-blee
Same problem with 'properly'. But hey, what's wrong with a little convenience?

15. Hotel


Singapore Pronunciation: Horh-tell
Correct Pronunciation: Hoe-tell
Where dem hoes at?

16. Excuse me


Singapore Pronunciation: Eskew me
Correct Pronunciation: ax-kews me
Every Singaporean's short-lived attempt at being polite at the MRT station.

17. Subtle


Singapore Pronunciation: Sub-terh
Correct Pronunciation: Suh-tuhl
Silent b guys. Also, don't forget the l at the end! This is a super common mistake across the board of 'bt's like 'debt'.

18. Sword


Singapore Pronunciation: Sward
Correct Pronunciation: Sord

19. Abalone


Singapore Pronunciation: Ab-alone
Correct Pronunciation:Ab-alon-ee
The 'e' isn't silent! Don't ask me why it's silent in 'alone' but articulated in 'abalone'. And I'm just saying, but pretty sure the abs made the difference.

20. Film


Singapore Pronunciation: Flim/fillum
Correct Pronunciation: Fil-m
Can't help but wonder if this is just some classic 'i'/'l' confusion taken one step too far.

21. Yellow


Singapore Pronunciation: Yah-low
Correct Pronunciation: Yeh-low
Okay this one is important because if yah-low becomes accepted in the future then there will be no more 'yellow yellow dirty fellow rhymes'. It's just not the same.

22. Wednesday


Singapore Pronunciation: Wen-ness-day
Correct Pronunciation: Wens-day
Did you know that Wednesday is also known as hump day? So if in future you forget which is the right pronunciation, just say 'hump day'.
But before you start giggling like a prepubescent teenage boy, know that this 'hump' is a noun (not a verb) that refers to getting over the first half of the work week. 

23. Nasi Lemak

Singapore Pronunciation: Na-si Loh-makCorrect Pronunciation: Na-si Le-mak
Eh this one is our local food leh. Can we at least say this one propply not??

Never make these mistakes again

There you have it, 23 words that Singaporeans tend to mispronounce. The next time you visit a foreign country, you'll never encounter another awkward situation where you think you're speaking perfect English but the other person still has no idea what you're saying.
But it's all these little Singaporean quirks that make living here so great! So while it's useful to know proper English for when the time calls for it, Singlish serves a great purpose in forming our national identity, and to everyone who has a problem with speaking Singlish as a casual everyday language...

justbecauseucantunderstand.gifSource: giphy

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Photos Taken During the 7 days Mourning to Our Founding Father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew!

The above photo was proudly done and edited by me..
First trying to visit him on a Thursday late afternoon..
I could see a lot of crowd queuing at the other side of the river.
On the way to queue... saw this boat with a portrait of him.. and snapped a picture.
Taken on Saturday while on my way trying to pay a visit to him for the last time.
I didn't manage to make it to the parliament on Thursday.. becos I thought of waiting for my friend to go together at a later time on the same day as I was actually alone queuing.. quite bored and still quite a long way to go in the queue. There were some thoughts running thru' my mind and I decided to back out from the queue..
And of course this time.. on the Saturday. I told myself I have to make it there no matter wad.
Along the way.. I saw pictures of LKY like everywhere.. so decided to take some pictures of them.. as a form of memory.
Why this photo of the mobile toilet appears here?
Well.. I think they, Porta Pumper do play a part in Lee Kuan Yew's wake..
It may probably be sponsored by the company itself or whatsoever..
They played an important role.
On my way walking in... after about 4 hrs of waiting.
The other side of the lane were people who had visited him and making their way out..
Getting closer and closer to him..
I guess everyone didn't know wad to expect and just walked in..
After visiting him.. I took a picture of the Parliament where he was inside there at that moment!
May you Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew...
and we will miss you!
Thank you for what you had contributed to Singapore!


Enjoy this video below!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

The All-New Toyota Corolla Altis – A Legend Redefined!

The all-new Corolla Altis’ design theme exudes the confidence of a modern, advanced vehicle. With a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs, the car holds an athletic stance with greater presence. More pronounced flared wheel arches, and a clean yet impactful sculpted surface adds an air of elegance to its sporty exterior.
Viewed in profile, a sweeping crease in the body sheet metal spans the length of the sedan and accentuates the integrated door handle design. The exterior tapers towards the front and rear of the vehicle to emphasize its wheel arches, with a longer, faster sloping roofline that blends into a shorter rear deck to give the sedan a sportier image.
The curves of this new Altis are indeed nice!
And the colour of this car (Grey Metallic) suits the design pretty well.. if not I think Silver would be nice too!
Even the tail-lights are pleasant looking to the eyes..
There are two categories for the new Toyota Corolla Altis, namely the Classic and Elegance.
The one I'm having here is the Elegance.. which is the higher tier as compared to classic.
Everytime I drive a Toyota.. I always have this very smooth feeling of the engine.. It accelerates so smoothly that driving the car was so effortless... Not an exception for this All-New Toyota Corolla Altis! Thanks to the 1.6L Dual VVT-i engine.. it exhibits the same driving experience as ever.
It can hit a top speed of 185 km/h and travel from 0-100 km/h in 11.1 seconds. Well.. not too bad for a sedan car. :)
Interior looks fresh and inviting..
And I actually like the SIMPLE design of the dashboard with large display touch-screen.

Leg room at the back is quite big..
Compare with the leg spaces taken up at the front seats in the previous picture, this Altis is indeed Spacious!
Driver's door.

Driver's carpet.
I quite like the idea that they have two knobs to lock the carpet to the ground so that the carpet would not shift here and there due the frequent movements of the leg accelerating and braking.
Boot space is huge and deep too!
'Deep' was wad my dad commented when he saw the boot space.
If the boot space isn't enough for your stuffs.. the backseats can be folded down for your Extra Long item! :)
Now.. its time to Start the engine!
Everytime when you start the car... you would be greeted with a Welcome note on the speedometer!
Nice and classy central console.
 Smart Start / Stop Engine button
 Closer look on the dashboard and controls..
The large touch-screen allows you to display media like video as well..
and the touch-screen sensitivity was very good too.. jus a gentle press on the desired radio station for example, the station would be selected.
The touch-screen also allows you see what's behind your car when you're in the Reversed gear.

Nanoe Auto-Climate Aircon - Featuring a nanoe™ generator, the air-conditioning system cleans the air as it cools, suppressing allergens and odour.
Electrochromic Mirror - Specially designed for night driving, the mirror automatically dims itself to cut off the glare from the high beams of rear traffic. This is something which I think is very amazing! :)

This was really interesting during my drive when outside was drizzling abit.
You may have selected the wiping mode to be swiping once in a few seconds.. But with the Auto Rain Sensing Wipers.. when it detects more rain, the wipers will swipe faster and when it detects lesser rain.. the wipers will take longer before the next swipe. Intelligent! :)
At this point.. the car is at rest.
(Sound like doing some Physics.. haha.)
When the car starts to move, the white bar will move as well..
IF you accelerated gently, you will be in the ECO-mode. Hence, saving your petrol! :)
Cushion at the centre of the back-seats can be pulled down to create an arm-rest for the passenger.
 And you can put two cups in it..
Perhaps your coffee and travel in class.. ;)
a view of the new Altis in the car park
Nice Muscular Rim!
The Altis can look this Fierce as well!
A first in its category, LED headlamps provide excellent visibility under all conditions, while the daytime-running lights add safety and a unique look.
Only the Elegance version has the LED headlamps.
The Classic would have the Halogen headlamps.
a view of the car at night!

the back view somehow looks abit like Lexus which I find it very nice and appealing.

Everytime you switch off the engine... the car will bid Good-bye to you on the speedometer.
Good-bye! ;)
To find out more about the car and book a test drive..
Leng Kee Toyota Showroom
33 Leng Kee Road, Singapore 159102
For Enquiries:
Call the main line at 6631 1188