Saturday, February 17, 2018

2018 KIA Sorento GT Line [Car Review]

New Design and in-car technologies for the
Upgraded 2018 KIA Sorento 7-seater SUV


- Revised exterior and interior design for the spacious seven-seat SUV
- Addition of new sport-inspired GT Line variant to Sorento range
- New eight-speed automatic transmission improves driveability and lowers emissions
- Upgraded 2018 Kia Sorento on-sale from November 2017

Singapore, 24 November 2017 – Kia Motors has announced a range of upgrades to the Sorento, the company’s seven-seat flagship SUV, which will feature a refreshed exterior and interior design. The Sorento is also available as a new GT Line variant, with both models featuring Kia’s latest safety and in-car connectivity technologies.
Mr Alvyn Ang, Director of Kia Operations - Cycle & Carriage Singapore, commented that, “The current model has a broad appeal among buyers, with a combination of high practicality of a MPV and handsome design of a SUV. Upgrades to the car’s exterior and interior design, safety, and in-car technology all add to the appeal of the car and will ensure sales remain strong.”

Design: updated exterior and interior design
Kia’s designers have made a series of modifications to the Sorento’s exterior design. These include revised front and rear bumpers, new LED head- and tail-lamps, and a new dark metallic finish to the ‘tiger-nose’ grille. The result is a more sophisticated and purposeful front-end appearance. New Rich Espresso and Gravity Blue exterior paint finishes are now available, as well as a new design for the Sorento’s 18-inch (SX) and 19-inch (GT Line) aluminium alloy wheels.

The new Sorento features an increased proportion of soft touch materials and leather for a more premium cabin ambience including a newly-designed steering wheel and driver instrument cluster display. The driver and front passenger seats are equipped with four-way and two-way adjustable lumbar support respectively, to enhance seating comfort.

Powertrain: lower emissions from new eight-speed automatic transmission
The new Sorento is the first SUV from Kia available with the company’s new eight-speed automatic transmission. The transmission boasts 143 newly-patented technologies and delivers a slick-shifting, more decisive drive, while reducing emissions slightly.
Compared to other automatic transmissions, Kia’s new eight-speed unit requires fewer control valves, enabling a more direct mechanical link to the engine. This allows the transmission to shift more quickly than the outgoing six-speed automatic transmission. The greater choice of gears enables more decisive acceleration, while reducing CO2 emissions from 174 to 159 g/km.

The new transmission offers four different drive modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Smart. Drivers can select their preferred mode with the Sorento’s electronic Drive Mode Select system. Each mode enables the driver to customise the powertrain’s responses to driver’s inputs, enhancing fuel economy or acceleration characteristics depending on driver’s preferences. The Drive Mode Select also adapts the weight of the rack-mounted power steering system, for more relaxed or more immediate, engaging steering responses. The new Smart Mode is designed to understand and anticipate the driver’s steering preferences, automatically switching between Eco, Comfort and Sport modes. This enables the Sorento to adapt to the driver’s steering behaviour as road conditions change, pre-empting the driver’s preference for different speeds and driving environments.
Smart Technology: The Future of Kia
Kia has equipped the new 2018 Sorento SX and GT Line with various advanced smart features like Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS)- with parallel and perpendicular parking support and a keyless entry system. Both models also come standard with Kia’s 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Introducing the GT Line: new sport-inspired Sorento GT Line model
Kia has introduced a new GT Line variant to the Sorento, further enhancing its sporty appeal. Inspired by the appearance of Kia’s higher-performance GT models, the Sorento GT Line features a range of upgrades for added style and on-road presence. The exterior features four-lamp LED fog lights, red brake calipers, a more prominent sill step, and subtle GT Line badging designed to distinguish it from other Sorento models. In addition, the new GT Line variant features unique gear shift paddles, Dynamax All-Wheel Drive (AWD) for added stability, a passenger seat Work-In system, and a series of satin chrome highlights throughout the interior.


The interior of the GT Line includes improvements in both functionality and design - featuring quilted seats, finished in black leather with contrasting grey stitching and GT Line embroidered emblems.

On-sale from November 2017
Backed by Cycle & Carriage’s industry leading standards, the upgraded 2018 Kia Sorento is sold as standard with 10-year engine warranty and 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. The 2018 Kia Sorento will be on sale from 25 November onwards.

The latest Sorento GT Line is indeed very good looking with the curvy clean lines it has..

The 19" alloy rims are nice too.. with the red brake calipers.

The intelligent Dynamax AWD All-Wheel Drive (AWD) adds stability when rounding corners, and eliminates unintended over- and under-steer.

The interior looks pretty clean and nice too.. not too much of the buttons to make you confuse.

And the rear passengers leg space is spacious.

With air-con vents for the rear passengers and as you can see.. there are two buttons for driver or anybody at the rear to help the front passenger adjust the seat. This makes it very convenient if your front passenger is unable to adjust the seat himself or herself.. be it he or she is a handicapped or busy with sth.

As I hold on to the steering wheel.. I feel that the grip of the wheel was very good.. test-drive it and you'll know it.

Controls at the top to open the panoramic sunroof.. and there's a sunglasses holder above as well.
The rear mirror sport an anti-glaring function so that the lights from the cars at the rear wouldn't be too glaring to the eyes at night.

You can just open the visor of the sunroof.. so as to let more light coming in.

Or just open half of the sunroof..

The last row for the rear passengers is pretty spacious too!

Smart power tailgate with memory function.
The tailgate opens when the smart key is detected nearby. With its memory function, your favourite opening angles can be stored.

I feel that the Sorento GT Line is a great 7-seater SUV which has many features and it feels solid. The drive was very smooth and going on a diesel engine.. it doesn't feel laggy at all.

Get your hands on for a test-drive at the KIA Showroom located at 

239 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159930.

Feel free to check out their Instagram @kia_sg for the latest feeds as well!


Monday, December 18, 2017

St. Gregory Spa - Ayurveda Therapy

Ayurveda (/ˌ.ərˈvdə/)[1] is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.[2] Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine.[3][4] In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use.[5]
The main classical Ayurveda texts begin with accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the Gods to sages, and then to human physicians.[6] In Sushruta Samhita (Sushruta's Compendium), Sushruta wrote that Dhanvantari, Hindu god of Ayurveda, incarnated himself as a king of Varanasi and taught medicine to a group of physicians, including Sushruta.[7][8] Ayurveda therapies have varied and evolved over more than two millennia.[2] Therapies are typically based on complex herbal compounds, minerals and metal substances (perhaps under the influence of early Indian alchemy or rasa shastra). Ancient Ayurveda texts also taught surgical techniques, including rhinoplastykidney stone extractions, sutures, and the extraction of foreign objects.[9][10]
Although laboratory experiments suggest it is possible that some substances used in Ayurveda might be developed into effective treatments, there is no evidence that any are effective as currently practiced.[11] Ayurveda medicine is considered pseudoscientific.[12]Other researchers consider it a protoscience, or trans-science system instead.[13][14] In a 2008 study, close to 21% of Ayurveda U.S. and Indian-manufactured patent medicines sold through the Internet were found to contain toxic levels of heavy metals, specifically leadmercury, and arsenic.[15] The public health implications of such metallic contaminants in India are unknown.[15]
Some scholars assert that Ayurveda originated in prehistoric times,[16] and that some of the concepts of Ayurveda have existed from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization or even earlier.[17] Ayurveda developed significantly during the Vedic period and later some of the non-Vedic systems such as Buddhism and Jainism also developed medical concepts and practices that appear in the classical Ayurveda texts.[17][18] Humoral balance is emphasized, and suppressing natural urges is considered unhealthy and claimed to lead to illness.[19] Ayurveda treatises describe three elemental substances, the humours (Sanskrit doṣas), wind (Sanskrit vāta), bile (pitta) and phlegm (kapha)), and state that equality (Skt. sāmyatva) of the doṣas results in health, while inequality (viṣamatva) results in disease. Ayurveda treatises divide medicine into eight canonical components. Ayurveda practitioners had developed various medicinal preparations and surgical procedures from at least the beginning of the common era.[20]
If you are interested to try out Ayurveda therapy, I can recommend you to try it out at the St. Gregory Spa at Park Royal on Beach Road. I just had my session last week and it was great!
The therapy I had was Ayurveda Therapy - “Posterior Treatment – Upper Torso” which is a combination of several treatments to relieve aches, pain and in ammation of the neck, shoulder, hand and lower back. The therapy provides lubrication to the entire vertebral column, especially the lower back/lumbar region. Also helps in relieving disc regeneration and its prolapse; ideal for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis.
You can give this a try at the St. Gregory Spa @ Park Royal on Beach Road Now!
Quote "SHAUN30" for a 30% OFF All treatments while making your booking.
Terms & Conditions:
- Valid from now until 31 January 2018 at St. Gregory, PARKROYAL on Beach Road
- Prior appointments have to be made at +65 6505 5755
- Not valid with other discounts
For more information:


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Mr. Coconut @ Far East Plaza!
A Fresh Start for a Fresh Juice: Mr Coconut’s New Look and Menu!
Mr Coconut is having a celebration of their 2nd Anniversary and the unveiling of a revamped look and refreshing new drinks menu, at the newly renovated flagship store at Far East Plaza, on 24 November 2017, Friday. What began as just any other brand selling mass-market drinks and desserts of all kinds has now streamlined into the newest Mr Coconut experience: Drink Fresh!
Mr Coconut is proud to be the pioneer of coconut drinks in Singapore, leading the way with its brand new menu of 20 drinks in a wide variety of flavours that offers something for everyone! Their crowning jewel is the signature Coconut Shake – a delicious concoction that is vegan, dairy-free and healthy! Made of the milk, water and fresh from the sweetest young Thai coconuts, blended with crushed ice into a drink that is smooth, flavourful and refreshing, perfect for cooling down and hydrating in Singapore’s hot climate.
Founded by the trio Mr Andrew Cai, Ms Vivian Yeo and Mr Lucas Lin, Mr Coconut was first brought to Singapore by Andrew and Vivian. They were inspired while on a visit to Vivian’s hometown of Malacca, where the coconut shake is a particularly popular drink amongst the locals. In fact, Malacca is so famed for this concoction that even tourists make it a point to try it when on holiday there. Andrew and Vivian decided to take the idea of the delicious coconut shake back to Singapore, as there are no smilar offerings there.
The newest iteration of Mr Coconut is the result after two years of product research, development and continued market taste-testing, which affirmed that customers love their shake! Customers can now look forward to a total of 20 drinks in a range of three categories on the Mr Coconut menu, all freshly prepared on the spot with a 100% natural coconut base: the frothy Bubble Coconut drinks, a series of freshly squeezed Fresh Juice drinks, and hearty Signature Shakes.
Coconut Mango Shake!

Here's myself with the mascot! :)
Mr. Coconut can be found at the following locations..

Far East Plaza (14 Scotts Road, #01-14C)
North Point (North Wing, #B1-42)
V Hotel Lavender MRT (70 Jellicoe Road #01-15)
For more information about Mr. Coconut, visit their Facebook page:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Arrival of the DREAM CRUISES!

Dream Cruises’ first homeport in Southeast Asia features new itineraries to take in the splendours of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia


Singapore, 16 November 2017 – Genting Cruise Lines celebrated the arrival of Genting Dream today at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore in the presence of more than 800 guests including government dignitaries, business and trade partners and media. Asia’s luxury cruise line, Dream Cruises debuted Genting Dream to the high-end market in Asia last November to great acclaim receiving a Star Performer Top Ten rating in the Large Resort category highly-revered Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Guide 2018 along with ‘Best New Ship’ and ‘Best Cruise Line – Entertainment’ recognitions at the Travel Weekly Asia Reader’s Choice Awards 2017.
Notable attendees at the welcome event included Guest of Honour, Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board, as well as Mr Lim Ching Kiat, Managing Director, Airhub Development, Changi Airport Group, and Mr Lionel Wong, Chief Executive Officer, SATS-Creuers.
Dream Cruises’ inaugural vessel, Genting Dream is a luxurious floating integrated resort designed specifically for the Asian market and will be Singapore’s newest landmark at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. This also marks the first time Singapore has hosted a large-scale, 150,695-tonne cruise ship for an extended period and the first homeport for Dream Cruises in Southeast Asia.
“Genting Cruise Lines is unique to Singapore as this was where our Chairman turned his dream into reality over 24 years ago – and we have been a permanent Singaporean citizen ever since. This is one of our proudest achievements that has been unmatched by any other cruise company in Singapore,” said Mr Kent Zhu, President of Genting Cruise Lines. “During this time, we have been at the forefront to build Singapore’s presence as one of Asia’s premiere cruise centres and it has been a pleasure to evolve with the city over the years.”
With the new homeport deployment of Genting Dream in Singapore, Dream Cruises has forged an innovative three-year tripartite joint cooperation partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board and Changi Airport Group. This collaboration will see an investment of over SGD 28 million to promote Singapore as a key tourism destination as well as an Asian cruise hub and strategic gateway to access neighbouring countries through fly/cruise itineraries.
“This tripartite partnership underscores Singapore’s drive to become Southeast Asia’s leading cruise hub and is an integral part of our continual efforts in promoting fly-cruise from Singapore. We are delighted to be selected as the first year-round homeport for Genting Dream in Southeast Asia. It marks another significant milestone in the longstanding and valuable relationship that we have with Genting Cruise Lines,” said Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board.
Changi Airport Group’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Lee Seow Hiang said, “Asia Pacific is currently the largest aviation market in the world, and will be the fastest growing region in the next 20 years. With Changi Airport’s strong air connectivity to more than 380 cities worldwide, Singapore is well-positioned to capitalise on this growth opportunity and bring more fly-cruise traffic here, serving as a cruise hub for the region. We are excited to enter into a tripartite partnership with Dream Cruises and Singapore Tourism Board, as this provides greater opportunities to grow the fly-cruise segment – part of our strategy to provide sustained growth for our partners and Changi Airport. The expanded offerings will also provide a greater array of travel options for travellers passing through Singapore. Jewel Changi Airport, which opens its doors in 2019, will have a multi-modal transport lounge; this will enhance the transfer experience of passengers travelling onwards on cruises.”
As a leading pacesetter in the cruise industry, Dream Cruises is constantly developing innovative and exciting itineraries to exotic new destinations. With her new homeport in Singapore, Genting Dream will transport guests on inspirational cruises to a number of extraordinary Southeast Asian ports-of-call including idyllic North Bali, Indonesia and pristine Macleod Island in Myanmar.
As part of a ground-breaking new venture in Macleod Island, Dream Cruises is bringing the private island concept of cruising, popular in the Caribbean – where cruise brands invest in developing their own secluded destinations – for the first time to Asia.
"On this special day, we are grateful for Singapore's warm welcome of Genting Dream.  This historic occasion is a manifestation of Singapore's branding "Passion Made Possible," said Mr Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises. “Dream Cruises is about inspirational luxury - as epitomised by our Dream Palace ‘ship-within-a-ship’ concept featuring 142 suites with highly personalised European style butler service.”
Mr Brown continued, “We are passionately committed to delivering great destination experiences, exemplary service and outstanding value from our new homeport in Singapore. We remain Asian at heart and international in spirit.”
Genting Dream offers a dazzling array of over 35 restaurant and bar concepts, where guests can indulge in the very best of Chinese regional, Asian and international cuisine, lovingly crafted with quality and authenticity.
Unsurpassed entertainment options include the first ‘China’s Got Talent’ on the open ocean. Entitled “The Dream Experience”, this 45‑minute theatrical representation of the worldwide hit TV series will be held in the Zodiac Theatre, a 999-seat state-of-the-art venue that will also showcase other spectacles including “Voyage of a Lover’s Dream”, inspired by the hull art of renowned pop artist Jackie Tsai. 
An array of inspirational on-board experiences have also been designed to provide the most unforgettable journeys with stimulating enrichment programs, one of the world's largest Asian reflexology spas at sea, over 1,100 square meter of retail space for duty free shopping, state of the art fitness facilities, and a range of activities for family fun for travellers of every age.
* * *
Here are some facilities on board the Dream Cruises!
The Pool.
Slides and Rock Climbing (which I'm really interested) at the side..
Helipad Embarkation Lounge

Balcony Stateroom.

Inside Stateroom.
Mahjong Room.
Water Slides!
So many!! Omg!
For more information about this Awesome Cruiseline..
Instagram and hashtag:
@dreamcruiseline | #DreamCruises | #GentingDream | #DreamJourneyBegins