Monday, April 1, 2019

Disappointment with BQ Services! [Condemn]

My flat screen TV was spoilt. Called BQ Services to repair. Technician (Mr. Tan) came down to repair and said need to take the whole television back for repair. Upon leaving HE SAID "Before ANY major repair which need to incur high cost, he will inform us to see if we want to proceed."
When the Television is ready for collection, they said we need to pay SGD300 because they did a major repair to the Television. I was shocked and didn't expect to hear this. They did NOT inform us before the repair. And request us to pay SGD300. For this instance, they are already at fault.
Leaving us with no choice, and they said we just pay SGD250 can already. At the moment, we thought since they have already repaired, we just accept it. And since its REPAIRED, we expect it to be in good condition again.
Right AFTER ONE MONTH, the television has a line at the middle of the screen and some time later the entire screen turned black, totally couldn't watch anything. When called the manager of BQ Services, apparently also named "Mr Tan", he said the warranty only last for 1 month after the repair. When my mum spoke to him, he even hung up the phone. I told him, in the very first place they are in the wrong by proceeding with the major repair without informing us, hence I demanded that he either bring the TV back to repair without charging us again or refund us the SGD250 we have paid for repair. He did NOT response thereafter.
I wanted to report this matter to CASE, but I've lost the receipt of the repair and still need to make payment to lodge a CASE report, kinda not worth it, hence I'm writing here as a review to share with you guys about BQ Services and DO NOT ENGAGE THEIR SERVICES ANYMORE!
Please help to share with your love ones and friends!
They are located at Jurong area, be careful!
HQ Address: 26, Boon Lay Way, #01-80, Trade Hub 21, Singapore 609970
Retail Address: Blk 498 #01-484 Jurong West St. 41, Singapore 640498


Saturday, March 2, 2019

DRUM TAO 2019 - Rhythm of Tribe 时空旅行记 | In Singapore 1-3 March 2019



World renowned Japanese martial arts and drum extraordinaire, Drum Tao, will be back for a spectacular brand new production in March 2019! Fans can look forward to a whole new experience in Drum Tao - Rhythm of Tribe which aims to deliver a blockbuster grandeur in this latest production.

The Show
With Japanese drums as the center of attraction, Drum Tao will bring you on a time-travel journey to a new dimension. Be captivated by spellbinding projections, new music elements (other than traditional music instruments) and beautiful costumes! Don’t miss the highly-anticipated new stunts and dances that combine physical and creative elements to showcase their large-scale drumming!

You don’t have to be a fan of drumming to enjoy the amazing and inspiring performance of Drum Tao!

The Story
This performance, further evolves Japanese traditional art of entertainment, expresses the theme of a samurai's journey in search of soul in the past, to the present and into the future.

The History
Seen by more than 8 million spectators over 26 countries and 500 cities, Drum Tao has wowed the audience with their innovative and exhilarating Taiko drumming performances, since its debut in 2004 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Creative Team
Franco Dorao, president and producer and artistic director of TAO Entertainment. He formed TAO in 1993 after working a foreign trading company and a major distribution company.
He takes overall command of stage and music production.

Top concept producer, Naoki Tachikwa, who has vast experience in wide range of genres such as music, movies, arts and theatres, came up with an original “script” for the production. Instead of verbal narration of the script, the story is delivered through the performance of the members, challenging a new daring approach in this latest production.

Japanese video creative group ZERO-TEN who has worked on the video projections for Drum Tao’s last successful show BUKYO, is in charge of the overall video works for Rhythm of Tribe. Be mesmerize by the striking visuals and 3D effects.

Internationally acclaimed designer Junko Koshino has designed many eye-catching and futuristic samurai-inspired costumes for the male members while the female members’ flowing robes show off their physical strength and beauty. The outfit that won the best national costume award of Miss International Beauty Pageant in 2017 will also be presented on stage.

For more information, please visit www.vizpro.sgor

*  *  *

My friend Joey and I were there on the first day of their show in Singapore!

Drum Tao 2019 - Rhythm of Tribe!


Both of us truly enjoyed the show.. especially the segment whereby there was LED display.. which really impressed me a lot with the combination of the drum beats.. they just synchronise it very well. At certain parts of the show, it was like high-octane performance and I felt like my heart beat was beating together with 'em. Lol~!!

I was once a drummer as well.. in my a Chinese orchestra in my Primary School days.. and I had 5 drums to play with at one go. It was very long time ago.. after watching the show.. I felt like playing drums again! ha..

During the intermission.. there are Drum Tao merchandise items that you can purchase just outside the theatre.

There are Drum Tao T-shirts as well.

My friend bought a $60 DVD .. OMG!! lol~!

All merchandise items bought are entitled to get signatures from their performers after the show.
And so... my friend got 3 signatures. haha..

It was indeed a nice show to watch!
I've watched Drum Tao for quite a few times already.. and this.. I would say IT'S THE BEST SO FAR!! If you miss it, then too bad! :P 

Event Date
Fri, 1 - Sun, 3 Mar 2019

Friday: 8pm
Saturday: 3pm, 8pm
Sunday: 3pm
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$138, S$118, S$98, S$78
Restricted View: S$78, S58
For more information, please visit www.vizpro.sgor
You may also get your tickets at


Monday, February 11, 2019



The movie tells the story of Pong (Nathan),who turns into a zombie when saving his town from a disaster. He led a mechanical and aimless life until a female ghost named Zhen Zhen (Ferlyn) came into his life. Zhen Zhen, whose pet phrase is “If you have no dreams, you are no different from a walking zombie.” believes one should live life to its fullest. Hilarious drama unfolds when Zhen Zhen possesses Pong to fulfil her pageant dreams and forces him to join a “Mr Perfect” competition.

 # # #

Was at the Special Preview Screening of this movie last Saturday.. It was really fun with the actors Nathan Hartono and Jeremy Chan, and actress Ferlyn G came to the front of the theatre greeting all of us warmly and further introduced the movie to us.. mentioning about wad were the funny moments that happened during the filming etc.

I personally like Ferlyn's sweet smile.

And also Jeremy's comedian way of cracking jokes!


The event was held at Suntec GV that day. I enjoyed myself on a casual Saturday going for a nice movie with a good laugh!
this Valentine's Day 14.02.2019!


Thanks CloverFilms for the invitation!


Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Great Moscow Circus | 25 Oct - 2 Dec 2018

Was at The Great Moscow Circus last Friday!
It is a very nice Big Top set up just beside Marina Bay Sands (MBS).
Was with my friend Annie going to watch this spectacular performance under the Big Top!
We were both feelin' excited about it! How its gonna be etc..
Roll Up, Roll Up!
Direct from Moscow and the circus capitals of the world comes this year’s heart-pounding family spectacular – THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS.
Boasting the world’s most dangerous and death-defying acts, including the Wheel of Death and the Motorbike Sphere of Fear, THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS sees the mighty red and white circus big top transformed into an astonishing, high octane, fun-filled entertainment destination.
THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS, returns to Singapore for the first time in over 10 years, with over 45 performers – acrobats, clowns, jugglers, daredevils – all circus stars renowned world-wide for their theatrical flair and breath-taking talents.
Circus doesn’t get much wilder than this!
Below are some of the stunts and performances you will see.

The crews setting up the props.
Selfie time! haha..

So many people have watched it! Have you!?

Book your tickets HERE today!


Event Date

25 Oct - 2 Dec 2018
Tue - Fri: 4pm & 7.30pm
Sat: 12pm, 4pm & 7.30pm
Sun: 11am, 3pm & 6.30pm
Public Holiday: 12pm & 4pm


The BIG TOP TENT is fully air-conditioned and seats are elevated, and tiered, for patron comfort.
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard : S$155, S$145, S$135, S$115, S$95, S$85, S$65
Child [3 to 12 years old]* : S$135, S$125, S$105, S$85, S$75, S$55
Senior Citizen [60 years and above]: S$135, S$125, S$105, S$85, S$75, S$55
Restricted View : S$85, S$65, S$35
Restricted View (Child) [3 to 12 years old]* : S$75, S$55
Restricted View (Senior Citizen) [60 years and above] : S$75, S$55

*All children must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian

The Great Moscow Circus is wheelchair friendly. For patrons who require special access, please contact the SISTIC Hotline at +65 6348 5555.
Approximately 2 Hours and 20 Minutes
(with a 20 minute interval)

Book your tickets HERE!


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


What I'm wearing on my waistline.. is a classy belt from Cinch Belt!
It has no holes - clean look!
 A simple design that is suitable for office wear.
One of the best and most comfortable belt I ever wore.

* * *

Here's how it works!

Very easy to buckle it up!

Here's the brown version of the belt which I'm matching it with my grey pants and a dark blue top.
It matches really well.. it can also be matched with something more of a casual wear, as brown is pretty versatile.

Quality that lasts a lifetime
Made with 100% Full Grain Leather - the outer-most layer of a hide - known for its superb strength and durability.
The belt can be easily removed by pulling the buckle outwards and it would be loosen.
It is free-size up to 48" waistline. If it's too big, it can be easily resized to your desired size. A perfect gift idea! Not to worry about size!

Traditional belts have holes about 1 inch apart. This Cinch Belt does not has holes.. it has these tracks on the inner side of the belt for it to hook on. With this design.. it allows micro-adjustment of the belt by 0.25 inch per adjustment, making it even more precise and to the comfortable tightness of your belt.

Perfect Fit!

With this micro-adjustments of only 0.25 inch, it guarantees a perfect fit that's not too loose nor too tight!
What I personally like about this Cinch Belt is that it is easy to wear and it as a clean and simple designed buckle. I always like things to go simple.. and Cinch Belt has fulfilled the style I adore.
- - -
Every Cinch Belt comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
If you think you've received a defective item, or if you encounter any issues.
Email them at and they will take care of it.
*Our warranty does not cover accidental damage.
- - -



Ships out from Singapore within 24 hours.

Domestic (within Singapore) arrives in 2 - 4 working days.
International arrives in 6 - 12 working days.
For urgent orders, we offer Express shipping at checkout. (arrives in 2 - 5 working days)
- - -


Enjoy US$10 Discount off your purchase with my Discount Code [ SHAUNOWYEONG10 ] upon check out at the link below!

Monday, September 17, 2018

ToriYard - New Menu!

ToriYard Menu Revamp Brings New Flavors to Bishan Park 2
Be amongst the first to indulge in ToriYard new line up of delectable lunch and dinner items that is specially crafted by ToriYard’s Executive Chef Hasewaga Isao. Showcasing over 23 brand new items that features a variety of both classic and innovative dishes that will stimulate an appetite.
From Left to Right: Salmon Skin Salad ($14), Wagyu Sumiyaki ($20), Ika Maruyaki ($22)
The refreshing dinner menu lines up a range of appetizing dishes such as: Salmon Skin Salad $14, crispy fish skin served over a plate of refreshing green salad; Wagyu Sumiyaki (Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Steak) $20, that has a smoky flavor from the charcoal grilling and its melts in your mouth; embrace all things tentacle with our flavorsome Ika Maruyaki (Grilled Hokkaido Giant Squid with Ginger and Lemon) $22 that goes really well with our wide-ranging sake options and house-flavored seasonal shochu aged with yuzu, apple, kiwi, plum and many more. 
From Left to Right: Okura ($2.5), Ebi Shiso Maki ($8), Yakitori Platter A ($19.5)
New additions to the Charcoal Grill Skewer items such as Okura (Lady Finger) $2.5, that is lightly seasoned with sea salt; Ebi Shiso Maki (Pork Belly Prawn Roll) $8, a deshelled prawn that is wrapped with pork belly and perilla leaf that gives it an aromatic flavor. For gourmands that can’t decide what to get – Yakitori Platter (Chicken Fillet, Chicken Wing, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Meatball with Onsen Egg, Shiitake Mushroom) $19.5, is recommended and its much value for money.

From Left to Right: Ten Don Set ($14), Saba Shioyaki Set ($16), Unagi Don Set ($23)

In additional to dinner, ToriYard also serve affordable set lunch such as our new addition: Ten Don Set $14, golden crispy prawn, eggplant, sweet potato and shiitake mushroom served over steamed rice. Not forgetting our old favorites: Saba Shioyaki Set (Grilled Mackerel) $16, served with Soup, Salad and Japanese Pickles and Unagi Don (Grilled Eel Rice) $23, that makes you r-eel-y satisfied after lunch.

Above: Matcha Tiramisu ($8)

ToriYard’s dramatic desserts have also received an upgrade, with a Instagram worthy Homemade Matcha Tiramisu $8, that is served in a clear glass so that the layers of the Matcha Tiramisu could be seen.
ToriYard has a relax and laid-back atmosphere – the kind that allow you to loosen your tie, unbuckle your belt a little. There is definitely no better way to enjoy Yakitori and Sake after a long day at work.

* * *

I personally had a food tasting that day at the ToriYard!
The food are really very nice and below are the pictures taken by me with my comments.


Salmon Skin Salad ($14)
Signature fish skin salad.
I would say.. this is very nice! I like the crispiness of the salmon skin.

Tebasaki Gyoza
Deep fried stuffed chicken wing gyoza
This is pretty interesting with some meat stuffed into the chicken.. making it a gyoza!
It tasted very well!

Wagyu Sumiyaki
Charcoal grilled waygu
The succulent beef was very cooked to the right doneness with the outer layer well-done! Truly savoury.

Ika Maruyaki
Grilled Hokkaido giant squid with ginger and lemon
And I totally like this squid that is so tasty.. it tasted even better with drips of lemon.


Classic chicken wings with seasalt, lemon and sesame.

Signature chicken thigh with seasalt and lemon

Handmade meatball served with onsen egg & teriyaki sauce
I love this! Its so interesting to have it mixed with the onsen egg and it tasted really well!


Buta Asparagus Maki
US duroc pork belly asparagus roll

Okura (V)
Lady finger
This may seem pretty simple vege to all.. but pretty enjoy munching it!
Afterall vegetables are good for all!


Buta Karamiso Zousui
Spicy pork belly porridge
 For this.. its not really that spicy actually.. hence those who can't take spicy food can still go for this. As the rice is soaked in some sauce or soup.. basically porridge, it is very easy to consume even if you're kinda full already. The taste of it was great!

Japan Premium Seasalt Ice Cream (V)
Hokkaido prefecture
OMG! I would love to have this again!
Have you tried Seasalt Ice Cream before?
Its time to head down to ToriYard to try if you have not!
I would say its a very nice combination to have it paired with the cornflakes.. creating a simple ice-cream dessert.

* * *

Where to find ToriYard:
📍: 1380 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569930
📞: 6251 1465

Opening Hours:
Weekday Lunch – 11.30am to 2.30pm
Weekday Dinner – 6.00pm to 10.30pm
Weekend Lunch – 11.00am to 2.30pm
Weekend Dinner – 6.00pm to 11.00pm
*Closed on Tuesdays

Capacity:  129 (Indoor and Outdoor)
Instagram: (@ToriYard)
Facebook: (@ToriYard)


Sunday, August 26, 2018

JadeScape [New Launch Project]
Click the link below to find out more and register your interest!
About 3:30 mins to walk to Marymount MRT Station
Located at former Shunfu Ville

Click the link below to find out more and register your interest!