Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Heineken Green Room: The Transporter @ Infinite Studios | 17Oct2014

The Transporter - a launch pad inspired by a journey into the future, catapulting fans into new frontiers of electronic dance music.

For the first time, Heineken Green Room will explore the future of music innovation and invite fans to co-create music for the night, allowing them to contribute a unique voice note at ‘The Transporter’, to be infused into the DJ’s set.

This year’s edition will also see the debut of Heineken’s latest innovation, Heineken igNITE – bottles that light up in sync with the music, lending a whole new dimension to the party and changing the way we interact with elements around us.
And it's Happening!!
Myself and the lady who will party with me tonight! :)
My best buddy who was there with me! ;)
And here I am with the babe..
some acrobatic dance in the air.. am I right to say 'acrobatic'? haha..
a very nice photo with Priscilla with natural light that just came at the right time!
No filter!
This should be something that suits the theme.. Green Room..
Heineken Green Room! :)

Not forgetting a photo with my bros.. Jackie & Julien (below) whom I invited for this event!
Both of them are my secondary classmates!
and here myself flanked by two Korean girls in Green LED lightings..
Cool and futuristic!
Here's a photo of right one without smooching her lips. ;)
created a Halloween of my own at the event! Lol.
I think u might think this a different side of me. haha..
Now.. another side! :)
Jus a random photo here~! :)
Not bad.. with a purple-lish lighting!
Thanks Heineken SG for the warm generous invite for me and my friends!
We had a great time together and its a good way to bond with friends and know more people!
Though the place was abit hard to find initially.. but I was still excited about the place by its name already. Infinite Studios - Mediapolis@One-North! A new place for the event and I wondered how the place would be like.. indeed it was good! :)
 These are the cards I have for that day!
What's the other side?
 Memories that Heineken brought to me and my friends!

Friday, October 10, 2014

What am I trying?
Am trying the Crispy Crab!
Its a 'Must Try' on the menu :)
Ultimate Catch Rolls - Ultimate Lobster
Premium Maine lobster, served with fresh vegetables on a toasted ciabatta bun.
Po' Boys - Crunchin' Crab
Crispy soft-shell crab, layered with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, in between a toasted ciabatta bun. Topped
Po' Boys - Crunchin' Fish
Golden fish bites, layered with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, in between a toasted ciabatta bun. Topped off with a drizzle of Ol’ Spice Sauce.
 Cre'O! Bites - Crispy Fish
Golden fish bites seasoned with Creole spices.
Cre'O! Bites - Crispy Shrimp
Golden fried shrimp seasoned with Creole spices.
 Cre'O! Bites - Crispy Calamari
Fried squid rings seasoned with Creole spices and a hint of lemon.
These was wad I had that night..
- Ultimate Lobster
- Tapas: Smoked Salmon Salsa, Egg Mayo Ebiko & Wasabi Mayo Shrimp
- Crispy Crab (Stated Must Try! So I tried! - "It was Great!")
- CocaCola (You can order other soft drinks or mineral water from there)
a closer look at the Tapas I ordered. :)
 Before unwrapping my Ultimate Lobster roll.. I saw this note: Consume within 1 hour of purchase.
So have it while its fresh! :)
Myself enjoying my food outside Catch 'N Bite!
I would say its really a very good "Catch 'N Bite" if you're in a hurry and wanna have good food at the same time. Just paying a little more (still affordable) and there you go... u can have a delicious yummy tasty meal right away! It would definitely be one of my consideration if I'm in a hurry and want a quick meal at the same time around that area!

- - -
Catch ‘N Bite - A takeaway store situated in Westgate Mall. The friendly sandwich store specialises in seafood sandwiches, bento sets and tapas using the finest ingredients. It all started off when there was an absence of an affordable and fuss-free way to enjoy seafood. Henceforth, Catch ‘N Bite birthed forth.

Special Promotion: $1 for Fries and Drink! Upsize your meal with fries and drink with only $1 with any sandwich purchase! Hurry limited time only!

For my readers!!!
Receive a free Egg Mayo Ebiko Tart when you make purchase of any sandwich from the menu!
(Promo Code: ShaunCatchNBite)

For the full menu and information, do visit www.catchnbite.com
Our main store: Westgate 3 Gateway Drive #B2-K16 Singapore 608532
Operating Hours: Daily 10am-10pm (LAST ORDER 9.30PM)
Catch 'N Bite's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/catchnbite
Official Hashtag: #CatchNBite


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sakura Day @ The Racecourse | 05 Oct 2014

Here I am at the Singapore Turf Club for the Sakura Day @ The Racecourse event!
with the horse statue at the Turf Club... I do hope I can own a horse! :)
Turf Belles in Yutaka.
Had a very good buffet lunch with a very nice scenery like this above.. it was really heavenly.. I would love to come again.. perhaps bring my family too! :)
The Buffet was fantastic.. I had lotsa salmon... and the desserts were irresistible!
With a brief introduction on how to bet on the horses... I tried my beginner luck on 3 races.. and I won the last race! Not bad for a finale before I left the place~! :)

I also learned to make an Origami.. its a flower.
I must be honest on this that I did not really make the entire of it.. if not someone name Jasmine will be there.. Ahem~! haha.. Well I try to make one by myself.. for you ok? haha.. :P

Later we were guided down to the area where we can have a closer look at the horses.. and these horses would be racing next.. in the so called "Big Race!"

Aren't they beautiful?

Oh dear.. I'm in love with horses...!!

On the race track...

This guy (I believe you can tell which one is the jockey right?) won the race!
Apparently.. they are very small size.. less than 60kg after adding the equipments on them.
And heard they are pretty well-paid.. perhaps I can be one too! And I also get to be closer to the horses.. ;)

Congrats to all winners for that race!!

Before heading back to the viewing area.. we were ushered to the Gift Shop.
I regretted not buying sth from there as a souvenir.

Not this..
This is quite nice actually.. but not this! haha..

But this..

 a horse shoe...
sth worth keeping.. can last and not very ex.

 here I am trying on a horse shoe.. :P
Here are some other items they have..
 a thumbdrive which is something practical and classy at the same time! :)
I had a great day at the Sakura Day event... knowing more friends and got to know more things about horse racing and horses.. and I also learned to make (half) of the Origami flower! haha.. :P
Thanks Singapore Turf Club for this wonderful event!
It was a rewarding experience for me.