Sunday, May 27, 2018

TORUK - The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil | 24 May - 3 June 2018 [Media Review]


Inspired by James Cameron’s record breaking movie AVATARTORUK – The First Flight transports you to the world of Pandora in a visually stunning live setting. Experience a storytelling odyssey through a new world of imagination, discovery, and possibility that have never been seen before. 

Photo: Jesse Faatz Costumes: Kym Barrett  © 2015 Cirque du Soleil

Photo: Jesse Faatz Costumes: Kym Barrett  © 2015 Cirque du Soleil

Photo: Jesse Faatz Costumes: Kym Barrett  © 2015 Cirque du Soleil

Photo: Matt Beard © 2017 Cirque du Soleil

Photo: Jesse Faatz Costumes: Kym Barrett  © 2015 Cirque du Soleil

I was at the event last Thursday..

with my friend, Annie..

* * *

And.. here are some videos & pictures I took at the show.




There were local celebrities like Zoe Tay who came for the show as well..

I would say this is a nice show with solid acrobatic stunts. The props used were very interesting and innovative. I was impressed with the special effects and lightings which made the show so realistic. My friend commented that its a very nice show and she likes it! Thanks VizPro for the invitation! :)

Event Date
24 May - 3 June 2018

Event Time
Various Timings
Approx. 2 hours (including 25 mins interval)

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket Pricing
S$98 - S$188


More information about TORUK - The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil
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Monday, May 14, 2018

LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL | 10-20 MAY 2018 [Musical Review]


Summer 2018, Singapore - Omigod, it's time. To. Go. Blonde! and Pink.
A snappy brand new production from New York with updated contemporary choreography, lighting, costumes, sets and exciting video elements. The entirely New York cast features Maris Fernandes as the iconic 'Elle Woods'.
Based on the 2001 Box Office movie hit starring Reese Witherspoon; it's the internationally-acclaimed romantic comedy you've been waiting for! Legally Blonde The Musical, is THE must-see feel-good show of the season.
Blonde ambition at its hilarious and delightful best: Delta Nu sorority queen and fashionista Elle Woods can do anything she sets her mind to. When boyfriend, Warner, breaks up with her for someone 'serious', Elle follows him to Harvard Law School to win him back (like it's hard?!). With a little help from new friends Paulette, Emmett and trusty chihuahua Bruiser, she defies expectations and teaches all the importance of staying true to oneself.

I pretty like the hairdresser for Elle Woods, she was very funny throughout the show.. especially the way she speaks. Lol~!

Myself and my beautiful partner, Huiling at the show.

Here I took some shots at the beginning of the show.

The stage props were all very nice and beautifully done!
And there's the trusty chihuahua, Bruiser!

Atmosphere was very hyped up and energetic.
It was really a very nice entertaining show to catch... Its really worth watching this show if you want something relaxing and enjoyable! Storyline was good and it ended well on a good note. Fully demonstrated importance of staying true to oneself.

The show is from 10th - 20th May 2018

Thu-Fri: 8pm
Sat: 2pm & 8pm
Sun: 1pm & 6pm
Rating: Advisory (Some Mature Content)

Language: English
Duration: Approximately 150 minutes
(including 20 mins interval)

Get your tickets soon before its gone!

For more information of the show,


Friday, May 11, 2018

Eclat by SIX – A Celebration of Life’s Miracles
Singapore, 19thApril 2018 – Almost two years after the debut of SIX Fine Fragrances, Jason Lee, Founder and Creator of the Singapore artisanal fragrance brand unveils a limited edition EDT, Eclat. Meaning ‘brilliance’ in French, Eclat represents hope, grace and gratitude, and celebrates the gift of life and the miracles it encompasses.  Presented in a 30ml elegant polished glass bottle, topped with a maple wooden cap, Eclat sits comfortably in the palm of the hand for an easy application.  Encased in a premium grey gift box with rose gold inscriptions, the unisex scent makes for the perfect gift for that special someone.

Scent Notes Representing Hope, Grace & Positivity in a Bottle

In describing his new fragrance, Founder, Jason Lee, 34, paints a sensory visual, “The scent opens up refreshingly with neroli and grapefruit with hues of marine notes – for the sensation of hope. Then there are interesting traces of Fuji Apple before it finally settles, gently, with cocoa and vanilla – conveying the feeling of comfort and love. Eclat was inspired by miracles I’ve experienced such as the arrival of my two children, Jedd and Jann. It is my personal interpretation of hope, grace and positivity in a bottle.”
SIX: A Conscious Brand, Employing Fine Craftsmanship with Premium Handpicked Ingredients

A firm believer of quality and reputation, Jason takes great pride in his line of fragrances, created in partnership with renowned Swiss-based fragrance house, Givaudan. Employing fine craftsmanship by certified perfumers and using only the finest of ingredients handpicked sustainably from all around the world, no expense was spared. Jason worked closely with Givaudan for the sourcing of raw materials such as patchouli in Indonesia, clove in Madagascar and Vetiver in Haiti. “Combining creativity and passion in olfactive development, a partnership with Givaudan equips us with cutting- edge technologies to ensure supreme quality”, he emphasizes. Jason was previously a part of the Marketing team at Givaudan, and had worked in its Singapore, Jakarta and Manila offices.
As a conscious shopper himself, Jason has ensured that every aspect of the production process is carried out responsibly. “I personally ensure that our raw materials are produced in a way that respects both people and the environment – for our bottling components, we work with a reputable factory in Taichung, Taiwan with ISO9001:2008 accreditation. The factory is clean and brightly-lit and takes good care of its employees. They are also very committed to reducing waste and energy,” he shares. Jason also employs Singaporean youth with physical disability and ADHD condition for tasks such as packing and labelling to provide them with an opportunity to work and gain self-confidence.
As an animal lover, Jason ensures his fragrances are free from ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals. The equipment for manufacturing are not used for the making of other products of animal origin. All of SIX fragrances are in compliance with the Code of Practice of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA-48th amendment) conforming to HALAL requirements.

In summing up his scent philosophy, Jason expounds, “A scent is an extension of the wearer’s personality, it can be interpreted differently by each person, based on his/her own personal journey”.

Eclat retails exclusively at TANGS from 3rd May 2018, at $76 (30ml). It is also available in Reed Diffusers (S$66) for use in the home and office.

Inspired by memories of Jason’s travel destinations, the first three variant of the SIX series are 123 TRIBECA, 1724 PUKA and 27˚F BIEI, priced at $66 each (20ml). They are also available in a collectible gift box of three 3ml mini bottles (S$26 a set) and in Reed Diffusers (S$66). SIX is available at TANGS and Robinsons and online.

- - -

At the Launch of the Limited Edition ECLAT (EDT) at Tangs, Dulukala @ Island last week.

Eclat in a premium grey gift box.

We get to experiment on the scent as well.

These are the first three variants of the SIX series are 123 TRIBECA, 1724 PUKA and 27˚F BIEI.

Priced at $66 each (20ml).
Currently I'm using the TRIBECA! :)

We got to customise some nice words on our Eclat (EDT) too.

And there I go with my name on it! :)
I was there with my friend Elaine..
It was a great experience for us to explore new fragrances and mingle around with fun activities.
Thanks Relish PR for the invitation!

For more information on the Eclat (EDT)
Click on the link Here!


Monday, May 7, 2018

Volkswagen Golf TSI 1.0L (2018) [Car Review]

The new Golf – further perfection in every detail

→ Sharpened design and filled with technological innovations
→ 1.0-litre turbocharged TSI engine available for the first time
→ Increased power output for GTI and R models
Singapore – For more than four decades, Volkswagen has been further developing the Golf design, reinventing it in its details, and making it more precise. This has made the Golf an original: often copied, but never equalled. Now, the new Golf is available in Singapore – it comes with state-of-the-art engines, a sharpened design, and a new generation of infotainment systems. The Golf debuts with four equipment levels – TSI, Comfortline, Highline, and R-Line. The range is completed with the Golf GTI and Golf R models.
With over 33 million units sold to date, the Golf has always been an icon among compact cars. It is spacious, and the design of the Golf makes it timeless, helping it move beyond class boundaries. Now, the iconic design of the facelifted Golf has even more charisma: design modifications include new front and rear bumpers, as well as new headlights (halogen and LED) with LED daytime running lights. All Golf models come with new full-LED tail lights as standard – on the Highline and R-Line variants, the tail lights have an animated indicator function and a concise dynamic switchover between the tail lights and the brake light. New wheel designs and body colours round off the update of the exterior.


On the inside, the new Golf is studded with technological innovations. Volkswagen Singapore is introducing a new base model, the Golf TSI – even this version has features such as LED daytime running lights and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. For the first time in the compact class, the new Discover Pro infotainment system can be operated via gesture control. Sporting a 9.2-inch touchscreen, it forms a single conceptual and visual unit with the Active Info Display, a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster, which also debuts in the Volkswagen hatchback segment on the Golf.


Overall, the features content has been improved in all models –for example, safety features such as the proactive occupant protection system are included from the Golf Comfortline. This ensures that the range satisfies a wide variety of expectations and budgets. The new Golf also heralds a new range of infotainment systems; each unit has been redesigned with a bigger screen and is based on the Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB). Even the Golf TSI is fitted with the new Composition Colour infotainment system (6.5 inches).

At launch, Volkswagen is offering the Golf TSI that is powered by a 110 PS TSI engine with 200 Nm of torque. The Golf GTI and Golf R are also available; these flagship models represent the top of the Golf range in Singapore. All models are also equipped with a stop-start system and a regenerative braking mode (BlueMotion Technology).

New generation of infotainment systems  
A touch-sensitive colour screen with a 6.5-inch diagonal is one of the highlights of the Composition Colour radio on the Golf TSI. Listen to FM radio or music in MP3 or WMA formats on the system's four speakers. These music files can be played from an SD card. 

The Composition Media radio (available on the Golf Comfortline) has eight loudspeakers. It features a CD drive and comes with all the connection options of the radio listed above. In addition, an attractive 8-inch colour touchscreen makes it especially convenient to operate. 

Both devices are equipped with a diversity aerial, which ensures good reception even under difficult conditions. All Golf models come with Bluetooth and a USB port as standard.

On the screen is a Think Blue. Trainer which measures how efficient you have driven the car for a trip. The more efficient you drive, the more fuel you save. Over here.. my score is 91/100.. not too bad har.. :)
The Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG)
  • The DSG from Volkswagen allows quick, smooth gear changes with the ease of an automatic transmission.
  • The fuel consumption of cars with a DSG is sometimes lower than that of models with a manual transmission (depending on driving style).
  • The manual gear selection option can also deliver sporty driving pleasure if desired and can be operated by shifting the gear up and down.

There's an Engine Auto-Off function also. By default the car would off its engine when the car has come to a stop at the traffic junction, it would on again when the driver steps on the accelerator. This function can be off by pressing a button just beside the gear.

No handbrake?
Well there is.. its just flap on the left side.
This is something I like.. without an extra handbrake stick jutting out.

Video Infotainment System at the spacious glove compartment.
You can insert CD and also SD cards.
Some lighting functions at the top..
And the rear mirror sports an Anti-glare function at night.. to prevent glaring lights from the rear which may distract the driver.

Front lighting controls with knob.. and controls for the side mirrors and door-lock at the sidedoor.

Spacious rear with enough legroom for all.
Sporting two air-con vents for the rear passengers too!
This is so important for such a hot weather in Singapore! :P
There are compartments at the side of the doors too.. fully making use of the space available.

Boot can be opened just by pressing and pulling the Volkswagen logo.
Easy peasy~!

Spacious boot with a rubber mat which you can place dirty or wet stuffs on it.
It can be removed entirely.

The seats can be folded down to create more boot space.


And there you go..

The entire cover can be removed too.. isn't that very versatile?
With all that said.. Get in the car and go for a test-drive now!
The Volkswagen Golf TSI is really a nice compact car to drive around.
It has 110 PS and able to get from 0-100 km/h in 9.9 secs. That is pretty fast.
I like how it is designed and they way it portrayed itself as a Golf. Nice tail-lamps and spacious interior.

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