Monday, July 6, 2015

Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire

  • Advanced craftsmanship redefined elegance and performance in
  • An all-in-one speaker
  • The ultra-thin speaker to take your music anywhere
  • Rechargeable battery with 8-hour playtime and USB for charging external devices
  • Wireless Bluetooth® stereo streaming
  • Versatile, dual-microphone conferencing system with echo and noise cancelation technology
    Comes in Gold (as shown), Brown, Black & Grey
    Measures 14(L) x 2.4(W) x 7.5(H) cm
    Weighing 0.23kg

    Connect to your mobile phone radio via Bluetooth
    So compact and slim.. you can bring it anywhere!
    For more information,
    Harman Kardon Facebook

    Friday, July 3, 2015

    Experiencing the Sounds of Luxury from Harman Kardon, JBL and AKG !!!

    Recently, I was at Royal Plaza on Scotts
    to experience
    the Sounds of Luxury from
    Harman Kardon
    I was totally immersed to the sound quality that each of these brands could deliver.
    - - -
    Harman Kardon
    It is used as the car audio and infotainment in most of the branded cars.
    To name a few..
    and Rolls-Royce
    Well.. a few seems to add up to 8 of the most recognised cars in the automotive industry.
    Let me first touch on the Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire
    the design is so sophisticated that each speaker hole is crafted diagonally at the same angle as the oblique logo of harman/kardon

    - highly sophisticated all-in-one speaker
    - ultra thin speaker (that is very powerful)
    - rechargeable battery with 8-hour playtime
    - USB for charging external devices (its like a power bank)
    - wireless Bluetooth stereo streaming
    - versatile, dual-microphone conferencing system with echo and noise cancelation technology
    This Mini Esquire was given to me as a gift from the event.
    And I really love it! I have been using it almost everyday listening to the radio on Class 95.

    I even used the Mini Esquire to play a sponsored game I'm writing!
    The effect was ... SUPERB!

    Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire on the Pool Side..
    Even the lady beside me is enjoying the music! ;)

    This Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire cost about $269 in the market.

    - - -
    Yes.. Sound amplifies Life!
    This is the JBL Charge2+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    - it has wireless Bluetooth streaming
    - 6000mAH Rechargeable Battery
    - Speakerphone
    - Waterproof
    - Social Mode
    - JBL Bass Radiator
    Since its waterproof.. it is very suitable for outdoor activities like swimming and beach.
    It can even make a water musical fountain when you pour water on the top of the speaker!
    Here's Andy Tsui - Director of Product Planning & Strategy.
    Doing a Live Demonstration of the JBL Charge2+ with water..
     This is the Big Brother - JBL Extreme

    Here's a video demonstration the JBL Pulse, JBL Charge2+ and JBL Extreme

    Here is a demonstration of the JBL Charge2+ - Maximum amplitude of the passive radiators
    - - -
    Many bloggers were all drawn to this AKG headphones!
    Because its worth a whopping $2199 (incl. 7% GST)!
    It is the AKG N90Q.
    I'm honoured to try it on and also experience the good quality of sound from this headphones.
    The N90Q is able to adjust the sound according to the shape of your ear, minimising distortion and delivering truly accurate sound. Hence, providing you the best hearing experience you never had imagined.
    - - -
     After this workshop..
    It has change my perception of sound
    the pursuit of Quality hearing!

    For more information,

    Here are their respective Facebook Page

    Dungeon Link Puzzle RPG Game is on App Store & Google Play!

    Link your way to victory in Dungeon Link, a new puzzle game now available on App Store and Google Play today. Developed by KONG STUDIOS in San Jose, CA, Dungeon Link combines RPG features like battles, teams, and a story with block-connecting puzzles for an original puzzle RPG.

    Dungeon Link takes place in the whimsical world of Kanterbury, where the Demon King has caused disorder and chaos – and it is now up to a team of heroes to journey through dungeons, solve the mystery, and restore peace. Throughout the game, players can recruit and summon over 200 heroes to create a party of five with diverse attacking and healing abilities. Using all team members, players will link color-coded blocks to strike their enemies and clear each stage.

    Players can participate in boss raids and daily dungeons, challenge others to PvP games, and chat with friends in the game. They can also complete daily quests and long-term achievements to receive additional rewards.

    Won Sok and Jee Lee, co-founders of KONG STUDIOS,met in 2008 as graduate students at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Five years later, they created their studio and began the development of Dungeon Link. Published by GAMEVIL USA, Dungeon Link is KONG STUDIOS’ first title to be released on App Store and Google Play.
    I've DOWNLOADED and playing it on my iPhone already!

    with the good sound quality from Harman Kardon | Mini Esquire portable speaker! :)
    Here are my screenshots of my gameplay!
    This is the character I'm using.. his name is Kamelot the Knight!

    Yes.. there will be some conversations like this.. :P

    On the battle ground.. basically you have to trace your character to their respective coloured box in a way that you can attack the enemy along the way. Let's say for my character the red box I'm standing have to be traced to the red box with a circle inside. Got it!?

    Don' t get it just download the game and you will get it! :P

    Later there will be a video to show you how it is played. :)

    Yes.. this was a SUPER MOVE of my character. In short we called it "SPECIAL" la! ha..

    Here's a short video of the gameplay..

     After a few battles.. you are able to turn on the Auto-Play ON!
    The game will just play and attack the enemies for you!
    Its good when you wanna eat some potato chips! haha.. :P

    Overall I think its a very good game to pass time! :)

    - - -

    Here's a video that has more information about the game..  Feel free to view it! :)

    “Like” them on Facebook:

    Follow them on Twitter:

    For more information, visit
    GAMEVIL, with over 450 million game downloads and experience publishing hundreds of games on multiple platforms, is one of the most active and innovative mobile game companies in the world. Established in 2000 and with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, and Seoul, GAMEVIL is an experienced global mobile game publisher working with more than 70 top studios around the world.
    With deep industry and regional knowledge, GAMEVIL has been able to craft numerous award winners through a diverse portfolio of games. Backed by unparalleled expertise in mobile, GAMEVIL continues to lead the sector with a commitment to establishing mobile gaming as a way of life.

    GAMEVIL is currently listed on the KOSDAQ Market (Ticker: 063080, Bloomberg: 063080:KS, Reuters: 063080.KQ)

    Thursday, July 2, 2015

    Watch Dock for Apple Watch Now Available at Selected Retailers in Singapore! | Brought to you by mophie!

    ·                      DURABLE ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION
    ·                      PREMIUM LEATHER ACCENTS
    ·                      SOLID, STABLE AND SECURE
    ·                      TANGLE-FREE CABLE MANAGEMENT
    mophie—the #1 selling mobile battery case in North America, and innovator of power  and  storage  solutions  for  mobile  devices—officially announced today that its latest mophie Watch Dock for the Apple Watch is now available for pre-order in Singapore.
    A place to rest for the night
    Simply place your Apple Watch on the mophie watch dock and charging will begin on contact. The charging cable provided with your Apple Watch is concealed inside the dock, eliminating cable clutter and making charging effortless, while the leather accents offer superior protection during charging.
    Class and comfort from mophie
    The slightly elevated, slightly angled charging position makes it easy to use your watch’s touchscreen and other features while charging. Use the dock at home or in the office knowing your watch is charging in comfort and you’ll never have to mess with tangled cables again.
    The mophie Watch Dock is available in Metallic Silver, retailing at $79. Pre-orders are available from 26 June 2015, exclusively at EpiCentre @ ION, iStudio @ Paragon, Nubox @ Raffles City, and Nubox @ Tampines Mall.

    Tuesday, June 30, 2015

    My Peugeot 308 Weekend Drive!

    Peugeot 308 Allure version.
    Got this from a Nuffnang blogging contest. 
    The interior is pretty classy. I like black and chrome interior. And this pretty suits my style!
    Back leg rooms aren't as big.. but acceptable I would say. :)

    The 'S' is the Sports mode of the car.. with a press of it.. the car will ROAR!!
    If ya notice.. the front glove compartment is pretty arch in.
    Hence the front passenger's leg room is really big!
    Navigation system.
    In Peugeot's technology, this is called the i-Cockpit.
    It was awarded the Most Beautiful Interior Design of the Year 2013 at the 29th International Automobile Festival, this gem meets a demanding set of specifications, including a smaller, sportier steering wheel, a head-up display with a crisp, clean design, and an eye-level instrument panel.
    Large touchscreen is 9.7" and angled towards the driver's sight.
    Volume control, mute and radio station can be selected on the steering wheel.

     There's a USB port for you to charge your phone. I Like This! :)
    There are lights shone in both the driver's and front passenger's leg space when you enter the car.
    Yes.. this car can park the car for you.. with a touch of the 'Park Assist' button.
    There are 3 types of parking that the car can park for you. Mainly, Reverse Vertical parking. Parallel parking IN, Parallel parking OUT
    But you would still need to engage the gear to forward or reverse and also step on the accelerator and brake. The only thing you do NOT need to do is to steer. The car will do the steering for you.
    Notice there's another USB port in the compartment there. I like the idea that they have a few of these ports for me to charge my phone or wadever.. See.. my wallet fits perfectly well inside the compartment at the right side of the steering wheel. :)

    Armrest for the back seat passengers with drink holders.
    After the armrest is pulled down.. a flap can be pulled down to create a hole where you can reach ur hands to the boot. Main purpose of this feature is for you to insert long items like poles which the boot can't fit.
    HUGE Boot Space!
    13 LED Lights.. there's a LED in the main lamp as well.
    Nice unique vertical design of the backlights.
    There's a small light underneath the side mirror when u unlock the car and get off the car.
    Nice rims.. that seems like you have a double rims in there.. with a double Shades of GREY!
    The keys are a little too big though.. but at least its not ugly! :P
     And this car is FAST! It comes with a 3-cylinder 12-valve DOHC Turbocharged engine.
    Even when I'm not in the Sports Mode.. the car still feels pretty powerful.. so needless to say when it is in the Sports mode. It doesn't lag. In the sports mode.. when I really stepped on the accelerator and pushed its limit.. in a short time its already at 80-100km/h without me knowing. In another words, the car is very stable also. Thumbs Up Peugeot! I really Love the SpOrts of iT!

    Panoramic Roof Opening Demo.
    It actually benefits more to the passengers sitting behind, becos the front passenger and the driver couldn't really see wads on top when they are looking in front. But well.. I still like the feature! ;)
    a photo taken at my friend's condo.. it looks cool~!
     In the daylight..
    my dog to bid Goodbye to you all!
    Hope you enjoyed this post!
    Last but not least.. I'd like to thank Nuffnang & Peugeot for choosing me as the winner for the blogging contest!
    It was really a good drive!
    If you're interested in this car.. Click Here and
    Book your test drive today! ;)
    Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech EAT6 Allure (A)
    Engine capacity1,199 cc
    Engine type3-cylinder 12-valve DOHC PureTech Turbocharged
    Compression ratio10.5
    Bore x Stroke(75 x 90.5) mm
    Power96kW (129 bhp)
    Torque230 Nm
    Acceleration10.7s (0-100 km/h)
    Top speed200 km/h
    Fuel consumption19.2 km/L
    CO2 emission119 g/km (As tested by LTA)
    Misc technical data 
    Transmission6-speed (A)
    Drive typeFront-wheel drive
    Vehicle typeHatchback
    Dimensions (L x W x H)(4253 x 1804 x 1472) mm
    Wheelbase2,620 mm
    Min turning radius5,200 mm
    Kerb weight1,150 kg
    Fuel tank capacity50 L
    Brakes (Front)Ventilated disc
    Brakes (Rear)Disc
    Suspension (Front)Macpherson independent, coil springs and anti-roll bar
    Suspension (Rear)Deformable cross member, coil springs and anti-roll bar
    The Peugeot 308 can be pretty sporty like this black one below. Enjoy~! ;)

    Courtesy of @AITORLAST